Product Developer Training

Product Developer Training

FieldComm Group offers three in-depth training workshops designed for manufacturers of process control instrumentation who may be planning a FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART or FDI product development project. FieldComm Group also offers introductory courses suitable for engaging sales personnel at a more technical level to better serve their customers.

Our developer oriented training is designed and taught by FieldComm Group technical staff and offers multiple levels of expertise to be addressed. Whether a salesperson is looking for a more in-depth understanding of FieldComm Group technologies or a seasoned 20-year veteran needs to understand the latest enhancements and capabilities, we have a course designed to address their needs.

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Available Courses:


Introduction to HART Protocol 

This workshop is an web-based introduction course, covering the basics of HART Communication Protocol.

The course is designed to provide an overview of the HART Market and Technology.

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HART Fundamentals and QA Testing Workshop

This workshop is an intensive 2-day course covering all aspects of HART Communication Protocol.

Attendees will gain the information needed to develop new HART-enabled products, support existing products and design systems that utilize HART technology.

Members - $1,200
Non-Members - $1,800

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Device Integration - Writing EDD and FDI Package Workshop

This is an intensive 3-day course covering basic and advanced aspects of Device Description development.

In this one-on-one instructional environment, developers learn the step-by-step process for building a Device Description for a HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus enabled device based on Electronic Device Description Language (IEC 61804-3, EDDL) that can be used across all DD-enabled host platforms.

Members - $1,800
Non-Members - $2,400

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Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus

This web-based workshop is designed for developers, end users, marketing professionals and applications engineers interesting in obtaining a fundamental knowledge of FOUNDATION technology.

Students will become familiar with basic concepts and terminology related to the FOUNDATION Fieldbus integrated architecture. The course assumes little or no prior knowledge of FOUNDATION technology, but students should be familiar with process control. Students will leave with a working knowledge of the technical foundation upon which the technology is built.

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Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus

This workshop is an intensive 3-day course covering all aspects of the FOUNDATION Fieldbus Protocol.

Students will learn the skills required to develop new FOUNDATION Fieldbus products, support existing products and design systems utilizing FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology.

Members - $1,600
Non-Members - $2,400

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