Device Integration - Writing EDD and FDI Package Workshop


Device Integration - Writing EDD and FDI Package Workshop

Build a better Device Description … and Improve Device Performance for HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus!

Learn how to improve your devices’ performance by developing Electronic Device Descriptions (EDD) and FDI Device Packages based on the Electronic Device Description Language (IEC 61804) and FDI (IEC-62769).

This comprehensive, advanced course provides a one-on-one instructional environment where developers learn the process for building a Device Description and FDI Package that can be used across all EDD or FDI enabled host platforms.

Attendees will receive 24 Professional Development Hours (PDH) to apply towards their continuing education requirements.

Course materials and lecture are provided in English. During the workshop, lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments will be served. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.

    Device developers seeking knowledge of:

    • Electronic Device Description Language
    • Electronic Device Description Development for a HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus enabled device
    • FDI Device Package Development

    Today, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART use Electronic Device Descriptions to fully describe and model a field device. EDDs, and now FDI Packages, enable a Host System to configure, commission and maintain these devices.

    During design and development of devices, EDDs and FDI Packages provide a cost-effective review of the device Application Layer for a given implementation.

    The course uses a lecture/lab structure to provide a thorough understanding of the EDD and FDI Package.  By the end of the course, all attendees develop an EDD and FDI Package using the FDI Package Integrated Development Environment (IDE).  During lab time, the instructor provides one-on-one assistance to the attendee as they develop their EDD and FDI Package.  All attendees receive the tools needed for real-world EDD and FDI Package development, testing and registration with the FieldComm Group.

    • Provide information needed to build Electronic Device Descriptions and FDI Packages that properly model the intended device including the EDD language concepts, development strategies and engineering practices
    • Instruct developers on how to use the tools required for development of an Electronic Device Description and FDI Package.
    • Explore the use of EDDL as an Application Layer modeling tool.
    • Assist students in developing a basic DD and FDI Package for their device.

    This course assumes a working knowledge of the application layer of HART and/or FOUNDATION Fieldbus. Please complete the below self-assessment quiz for the protocol of the device you intend to use during the workshop.

    HART Protocol Self-Assessment
    FOUNDATION Fieldbus Protocol Self-Assessment

    If you are not comfortable with the results of your self-assessment, we offer protocol-specific training:

    HART Protocol Technical Overview
    Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus


    • Strategies for successful development
    • Basic EDDL concepts
    • Recommended and Mandatory constructs
    • Lab work


    • Basic FDI concepts
    • Advanced EDDL Modeling (methods, arrays, etc.)
    • Basic User Interface 
    • Lab work


    • Advanced User Interface (layout, graphs, charts, image, etc.)
    • Lab work


    • Training and use of the FDI Package Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    • One-on-one assistance with your EDD and FDI Package development
    • Construction of basic EDD and FDI Package for unique customer products

    Students attending these workshops must bring:

    1. PC Laptop with FDI IDE and license file already installed and fully operational
    2. A functional device with you to the workshop (this does not need to be registered, but it needs to support a functional HART or FF application layer)
    3. Power supply and connecting cables
    4. HART/FF communication layer (modem/interface card/etc.)
    5. Device User Manual to implement (Device Specific/Custom Commands/Blocks)
    • Basic EDD and FDI Package you developed
    • Presentation slides with EDD code and FDI Package examples
    • Certificate of Attendance
    • 24 Professional Development Hours (PDH)

    During the workshop, lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments will be served.  Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.

    Three or more students from the same company? Consider hosting an on-site workshop. Excellent way to train your developer, support and marketing staff! Contact us to find out.


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