Hart Communication Protocol


Ethernet networks have been pervasive in office environments for decades. But in process facilities, 2-wire 4-20mA wiring has been the norm.  FieldComm Group developed HART-IP in 2012 to allow users to take advantage of available Ethernet infrastructure at Level 2 and Level 3 of the plant network. Today, mutiplexers, WirelessHART gateways and safety systems encapsulate 4-20mA HART data in Internet Protocol (IP) packets for high speed delivery to plant systems including asset managers and analytics.

The recent introduction of a 2-wired, powered, ethernet enabled physical layer, Ethernet-APL, creates an opportunity to bring high-speed HART-IP enabled instrumentation to the field level (Level 1). As operators and controls engineers grow accustomed to using high-speed ethernet enabled field instrumentation, HART-IP provides the familiarity of HART software over a state of the art communications and control infrastructure. 


HART-IP® Webinar

Presented by FieldComm Group - India Society, this webinar explains why HART-IP is the best technology for Ethernet-APL. Topics include an overview of HART-IP, benefits and a live demo.

Guest speaker: Jonas Berge (Emerson) - author, award-winning speaker, digital transformation advisor, researcher and consultant.

HART-IP® and Ethernet-APL Explained

The video in this section was presented during the ACHEMA Pulse 2021 virtual event. It provides a brief history and overview of HART-IP technology, as well as a description of 2-wire Ethernet-APL technology. HART-IP and Ethernet-APL offer a great solution for obtaining the benefits of higher speed communication while maintaining all the software and work processes that are already familiar to end users.

This technical paper (25 pages) discusses the relationship of your 4-20 mA, WirelessHART and HART-IP devices and infrastructure that is already existing and operating in your plants today and how to leverage additions to expand your HART-IP coverage and usage. HART-IP makes designing, installing, commissioning, operating and troubleshooting easy for users. 

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This technical paper (20 pages) provides a high-level introduction to the mandatory security requirements provided by HART-IP servers/devices. It will benefit both users evaluating HART-IP or planning their deployment. It is also a good place to start if you are a device designer or thinking about developing a HART-IP product.

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This brochure (8 pages) offers insights on HART‐IP as a simple‐to‐use, high‐level application technology that is independent of the underlying physical layer. HART‐IP operates with Ethernet as well as mesh or ring topologies. Similarly, HART‐IP can run on Power over Ethernet (PoE) for such infrastructure and devices.  It’s fast, flexible, seamless and secure.  

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Ethernet at the Field Level

Ethernet-APL is physical layer expressly designed for process automation. Learn about the benefits, technical details, and specifications of this important new digital transformation technology here.

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HART-IP Details

HART-IP has been used for over a decade in process automation infrastructure products. It's a proven process automation application layer protocol. Learn how HART-IP with Ethernet-APL is a perfect and secure solution for field instrumentation use cases, including control.


Begin the Journey

Adopting new technologies requires careful and thoughtful consideration that balance benefits and risks. This section explores a possible path for implementing Ethernet-APL and HART-IP with a focus on existing facilities.

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