Hart Communication Protocol


HART is by far the largest digital communications technology deployed in the process industries with over 40 million field instruments supporting HART technology installed worldwide.

HART is the global standard for sending and receiving digital information across the 4-20mA analog current loops that connect the vast majority of field instruments with distributed control systems. HART technology offers a reliable, long-term solution for plant operators who seek the benefits of intelligent devices with digital communication, while preserving existing investments in analog instrumentation and plant wiring. Much more than a communication protocol, with HART technology process plants have access to a wealth of digital process, maintenance, and diagnostic information. Information that is valuable throughout the plant lifecycle from design, to installation and configuration, through operation, and finally maintenance.

HART is simple, reliable, and easy to use. 

The FieldComm Group owns the HART specifications and provides specification development, training, and product registration services associated with the technology. Since it’s initial release in the 1990s, HART has become an IEC standard, undergone three major revisions, and preserved backward compatibility with all prior releases. 

HART Explained

HART is a bi-directional communication protocol that provides data access between intelligent field instruments and host systems. A host can be any software application from technician's hand-held device or laptop to a plant's process control, asset management, safety or other system using any control platform. Communication occurs between two HART-enabled devices, typically a smart field device and a control or monitoring system. Instrumentation grade wiring and standard termination practices assure reliable communication.

HART Use Cases

With over twenty five years of usage and tens of thousands of installations HART technology is used in countless innovative applications.

Users around the world get valuable process and diagnostic information from their systems to enable them to avoid unplanned shutdowns, improve plant reliability, lower maintenance cost and diagnose potential device problems from anywhere within their enterprise.

Registered Products

FieldComm Group’s Product Registry provides a current list of Registered FDI, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART products from a multitude of manufacturers and categories. Products that carry the registration mark(s) have been tested in our lab to ensure conformance to the standards for interoperability and functionality regardless of manufacturer.


All HART development requires the use of the HART Communication Protocol Specifications. The HART Protocol Specifications kit is a collection of 17 documents that specify the different aspects of the protocol and test procedures for field devices.

Development Tools

FieldComm Group provides test and registration services for developers of HART technology based products. We provide software and hardware tools to help simplify the development process and provide the best chance of compliance with test specification.


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