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To ensure interoperability and seamless access to device information, it is necessary to standardize on the form and basic contents of the information models for certain device classes independent of a specific communication protocol, thus enabling seamless instrumentation information flow throughout the enterprise. This is the Process Automation Device Information Model (PA-DIM™).

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Device usability is a priority for today's developers as end users seek easy ways to get up and running quickly. The upload/download functions specified by FDI highlighted by this application guide are a key part of an FDI Device Package to address these usability requirements. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance and best practices for developing these functions.



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FieldComm Group

For over 30 years FieldComm Group has led the development of standards, tools, and product registration for smart instruments and systems for the process automation industry.

Our corporate mission is to:

  • develop, manage, and promote global standards for integrating digital devices on-site, mobile and cloud-based systems;

  • provide services for standards conformance and implementation of process automation devices and systems that enable and improve reliability and multi-vendor interoperability;

  • lead the development of a unified information model of process automation field devices while building upon industry investment in the HART®, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus and FDI standards.

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