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Developer Guide

Begin your path to Product Registration

Testing and registration are key to your product interoperability and ensures specific devices and systems conform to the same standard. FieldComm Group is one of the only automation industry organizations with a registration program requiring mandatory testing of critical elements of its technologies. 

As a device or host developer, this is where your path begins.

The series of articles below illustrate the steps required to obtain official registration statuses for your products and have them included in the official Product Registry.

    FieldComm Group membership includes an Intellectual Property Rights Agreement that will enable your company to develop, manufacture, and/or sell products containing technologies managed by the FieldComm Group. 

    Members also receive discounts on development tools, developer training, and software

    Members are also encouraged to participate in Working Groups to further process technologies. 

    The Member Application Form will require you to create a temporary account for the purpose of preparing the application. The account will be disabled once you have submitted the application to FieldComm Group.

    Join FieldComm Group

    All identification codes for FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART products are allocated and managed by FieldComm Group.

    FieldComm Group Members can request manufacturer ID codes for each supported technology and device type codes for HART products.  

    To request a manufacturer ID code, open a support request and specify Membership Support > Manufacturer ID/Device Type Request in the "I need assistance with" fields. Please describe the code you are needing in the subject and description fields.  Provide us a name for your code and we will send you the reserved ID. 


    FieldComm Group Members use the current released Technical Specifications to develop their products. To learn how to request access to the latest specifications click here.

    FieldComm Group offers Developer Workshops and there are Development Solution Providers who can assist with your projects.    

    Our support portal hosts information regarding FDI Device Packages and EDDs, Field Devices, and Host Application Development. Click on the topics below to learn more!

    Developers who subscribe to the Product Service Program can request Technical Support in understanding how to install and run the FieldComm Group tool suites, as well as request assistance with understanding error messages provided by the software tools during product development cycles.

    In addition to Technical Specifications, developers who are members of FieldComm Group receive the latest released Test Specifications. The Test Specifications drive the software tool verification points and test cases. If you need help connecting these references, we are here to assist you. Open a ticket and provide detailed questions about the specifications or development tools.

    FieldComm Group offers Testing Services for the following product types:

    • HART 6 and 7 Field Devices
    • WirelessHART Field Devices
    • HART Device Description Files (EDD)
    • HART Modem Interfaces (FSK, PSK)
    • H1 Field Devices
    • H1 Communication Stacks
    • H1/HSE Linking Devices
    • H1 Device Descriptions (EDD) and CFF Files 
    • FDI Device Packages (FF, HART)
    • Host Applications (FF, HART, FDI)

    In addition, FieldComm Group can Audit and Register Wiring Components such as H1 Cables, H1 Power Supplies, and H1 Device Couplers.

    FieldComm Group highly recommends pre-testing your product using the same tools available in our test labs. This will help with the product development cycle and likely reduce the time needed by FieldComm Group to test your product in our labs. With the exception of Wiring Components, FieldComm Group performs all requisite conformance testing on all submitted products.

    We provide Registration Kits with test reports and forms to record your results and describe your product.  Registration Kits are provided when you send us a ticket to request a test date for your product. You can preview the Registration Kits at

    Product Registration allows manufacturers to advertise their products as conformance tested to FieldComm Group's Standards. 

    A Registration Certificate is presented at the successful conclusion of a product's test campaign.  The manufacturer's product is added to the Product Registry where end-users can view and download the registered EDD, EDD & CFF, or FDI Device Package.  The Registry page includes a text description to tell your customers about the product, a link to your website, and email address to direct customers to your sales team!