FieldComm Group's technologies continue growing and gaining world wide adoption as open standards have become increasingly important — allowing disparate system to communicate and share information across the enterprise. HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus technologies are the leading open standard protocols for the process industries — together making up 90% marketshare — and provide the most robust solutions available from over 350 leading manufacturers worldwide. Together, these technologies are implementing in millions of devices utilized in industries from water & waste water to chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical.

Participation with FieldComm Group is a key strategic step for companies looking to develop the leading industry standard protocol solutions and services.


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Technology Benefits

  • Specifications – Members will receive access to the Technical Specifications as a benefit of their membership.
  • Intellectual Property Rights – Members of FieldComm Group receive a royalty-free license to Design, Develop, Manufacture or Sell products that utilize our intellectual property. <See Intellectual Property Rights List>
  • Manufacturer Name & ID – Manufacturer IDs are mandatory for all field devices and can only be acquired through the FieldComm Group. Manufacturer IDs allow devices to declare their manufacturer name to a host system. Manufacturer ID is available at no additional cost to members.
  • Committees & Working Groups – Participate in your regional marketing committee, technical teams and/or working groups as we continue to develop and expand the technology. Committee participation offers an unparalleled opportunity to network with industry peers and to share knowledge and insights amongst fellow technology experts. Additionally, these committees offer a great opportunity to influence the direction of the technology and to gain insight into the future technologies that will come to market.
  • Working Group Minutes – All meeting minutes from the various working groups are posted online for members (regardless of participation) to access and review in order to stay abreast of the latest technological enhancements.
  • Access to Technology Experts – The FieldComm Group grants direct access to on-staff technical support experts for all members in order to ensure concise understanding and to provide guidance and outstanding industry service.
  • Common Procedures – The FieldComm Group provides common testing and registration procedures across all technologies thus simplifying member involvement and understanding for product development.

Marketing & Promotions Benefits

  • Marketing – Sponsorships are a great way to market your company and products to end-users. As a member, you have the opportunity to participate in various marketing activities such as tradeshows, seminars, demos and our annual promotional program that includes online recognition, articles, and our global multi-language email newsletter.
  • Logo Use Rights – Members receive a style guide that describes the guidelines for the correct use of the logos under FieldComm Group’s domain, including FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART and other applicable technologies. The trademarked logos are a great marketing tool for display on your registered products (when registration criteria are met), marketing material, website, product data sheets, etc.
  • Directory Listing – Member companies and listed affiliates will be displayed on the FieldComm Group’s website. Your listing establishes recognition of your involvement and participation with the FieldComm Group.
  • Membership Certificate – Companies receive recognition of membership through a framed membership certificate with annual renewal certificates to recognize their continued support of FieldComm Group.
  • Registered Product Catalog Listing – FieldComm Group has a very demanding test and registration program for FDI, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART products. All members that register their products will be listed in the catalog.

Manufacturers of registered products receive the rights to use the exclusive Product Registration Mark of the technology supported in their offering(s). These marks may be used in advertising and promotional materials, in accordance with FieldComm Group’s style guide and technical registration process. 

  • Online DD/Device Package Download – The FieldComm Group’s registered product catalog provides a convenient, free, publicly accessible repository for hosting DDs and Device Packages for member’s registered products.
  • Annual Member Promotion – Member companies may receive recognition annually in a major event such as the FieldComm Group’s General Assembly.

Training & Education Benefits

  • End User Certified Training Offering – The FieldComm Group has established certified end user training centers around the world. For those organizations interested in becoming a certified training center, membership is a prerequisite to ensure strong communication and access to the latest technological advancements. 
  • Developer Training – Training for product developers, engineers and marketing professionals continues on a regular scheduled basis in multiple locations around the world.  Members of your staff will benefit greatly by learning the fundamentals taught by industry professionals and technology experts in order to better understand the advantages and intricacies of the standards maintained by the FieldComm Group.
  • Consulting Services – Consulting Services are available at various levels for development, testing and registration of devices and host systems. Onsite training classes may be scheduled at a location of your choosing to accommodate your schedule.

Administrative Benefits

  • Board Elections – Each year is an election year allowing members a chance to vote, impacting the direction of the FieldComm Group technologies. The election of the Board of Directors is voted on annually (Applies to voting members only. Includes: manufacturers/developers, engineers/integrators or end users).
  • Member Discounts – Members receive discounts on purchases such as developer training, consulting services and development products. Development products include items such as the Conformance & Interoperability Testing Tools and Device Description Development Tools. For detailed information on products, please visit our website at

Membership Dues

Member Classification                                       Automation Revenue                                       Annual Membership Dues

Voting Member

Automation Product Supplier:

Class A Member                                  Over $2,500,000,000                                                        $100,000

Class B Member                                  $1,500,000,001 - $2,500,000,000                                    $  80,000

Class C Member                                  $750,000,001 - $1,500,000,000                                       $  60,000

Class D Member                                  $250,000,001 - $750,000,000                                          $  40,000

Class E Member                                  $100,000,001 - $250,000,000                                          $  16,500

Class F Member                                  $20,000,001 - $100,000,000                                            $  10,000

Class G Member                                  $0 - $20,000,000                                                              $    5,000


End User/Cable Provider/Contract Developer:

Class H Member                                  N/A                                                                                   $    1,500


Non-Voting Member

Gov Agency/Research Organization/Education Institute:

Associate Member                              N/A                                                                                   $    1,000


For definitions on what defines automation revenues, please review the following document: Membership Dues Definitions

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