HART Fundamentals and QA Testing Workshop


HART Fundamentals and QA Testing Workshop

HART Fundamentals and QA Testing Workshop is an intensive one-day course covering all aspects of the HART Communication Protocol. Students attending this course will leave equipped with knowledge to develop new HART-compatible products, support existing products, and design systems that utilize HART.

Students will also learn about the correct ways to test their device and register it with the FieldComm Group. Protocol specifications, common development strategies, and testing requirements are covered. Tools are provided to assist in product development or system integration.

This course is specifically for product developers and system integrators. Attendees will receive 16 Professional Development Hours (PDH) to apply towards their continuing education requirements.

This course requires the HART Protocol Technical Overview eLearning course to be successfully completed prior to attending this HART Fundamentals workshop.  Students will receive eLearning information upon registration.

Course materials and lecture are provided in English. During the workshop, lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments will be served.  Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.

    • Fastest way to learn about HART Communication technology
    • Allows face-to-face interaction with experienced development engineers
    • Provides practical guidance and answers not available anywhere else
    • Most efficient way to learn how to create a compliant product

    The "HART Protocol Technology Overview" course is a prerequisite for this class. Students should be familiar with the basic terminology of HART technology and have a general understanding of its communications protocol, command structure and execution, device variables and EDDs. It is highly advisable that anyone planning on not attending the "HART Protocol Technology Overview" should first take the following self-assessment quiz.  If you are not able to complete this quiz based on your current understanding then proceed to the "HART Protocol Technology Overview" course.


    • Engineers currently developing HART-based field devices and host system interfaces
    • Anyone interested in learning the details of HART Communication Protocol

    Attendees will leave the workshop ready to begin Implementation, HART Technical Support, and System Integration, as well as Development and Testing of HART-capable products.


    • OSI Layer 1 – HART Physical Layer
    • OSI Layer 2 – HART Data Link Layer
    • OSI Layer 7 – HART Application Layer
    • WirelessHART
    • Device Registration and Conformance Testing
    • Test Tools

    Three or more students from the same company? Consider hosting an on-site workshop. Excellent way to train your developer, support and marketing staff! Contact us to find out.


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