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  • Prepare Now to Modernize Your Plant
    Behind the digitalization buzzword are many emerging technologies that will have significant impact on future process automation system design and deployment. New Ethernet physical layers will lead to a next generation of intelligent instrumentation. Automation protocol-independent information models will simplify transport of data from the plant floor...
  • CONTROL Magazine Recently Completed a Mini-Series of Online Posts About Ethernet-APL
    How standards organizations played a role in the development of this new technology and what it means for plant flexibility in the future is discussed in this segment of the series. 
  • Softing’s Smartlink SW-HT Enables HART-IP for R.Stahl Remote I/O Products
    As digitalization of process facilities emerges, solutions that can easily integrate the installed base of HART 4-20mAdevices into a digitalization strategy add high value to end users. Softing’s smartLink SW-HT interface software enables HART I/O products, such as those offered by R. Stahl to easily support high-speed HART-IP technology.
  • Enabling Ethernet-APL Instruments with ProComSol Ethernet-APL
    ProComSol is widely known for HART Modems and software and hardware configuration tools for process instruments. Recently they introduced a developer tool for field instrument and infrastructure manufacturers that will simplify conversion of HART 4-20 mA devices to HART-IP.


  • ARC Forum 2023 Podcast with Paul Sereiko
    Harry Forbes, Research Director - Automation at ARC Research interviewed Paul Sereiko, FieldComm Group Director of Marketing and Product Strategy at ARC’s annual forum earlier this year. The interview provides an overview of FDI technology, the benefits it offers to end users, the wide range of automation protocols supported by FDI, and it’s role as...
  • SafeHART Enables HART Products to be Deployed in Safety Applications
    The SafeHART safety layer is a newer feature of HART Communication Technology and is deployable in HART 4-20mA devices as well as WirelessHART and HART-IP products. FieldComm Group recently conducted a webinar to introduce users to SafeHART. Speakers from exida, Honeywell, and FieldComm Group spoke of SafeHART applications, opportunities, and user ...


  • Rest Assured - It’s Secure!
    FDI technology deploys state-of-the-art security measures to mitigate possible threat vectors in the process industry. FDI enables system-wide integration of devices while providing additional capabilities and security. FDI security measures such as secure FDI Device Packages, sandbox environments for UIPs, and OPC UA security capabilities are explained below.


FieldComm Group Seeks Plant of the Year Nominees
FieldComm Group is actively seeking qualified nominees for the 2023 Plant of the Year Award. End users and suppliers from all world areas are encouraged to nominate their plant or customer’s. This annual award provides international recognition of exceptional use of HART, Foundation Fieldbus and FDI networking technologies.

New products and content from our sponsors

  • ABB: How to Digitalize Asset Performance Management for Instrumentation
  • Azbil: Smart HART Modem
  • Emerson: Achieving ROI with your Device Manager System
  • Microcyber: New Generation of Fieldbus Smart Temperature Transmitter
  • Moore Industries: HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System
  • Phoenix Contact: Ethernet APL Resources Page
  • ProComSol: Advanced HART and FF Communicators
  • R. Stahl: Ethernet-APL is the Future. See Q&A.
  • Softing: Ethernet-APL Network Topologies
  • Yokogawa: New Magnetic Flowmeter CA Series

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