FPS-RCx (Rev J), FPS-DCx (Rev E), FPS-IPM (Rev Q)

Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Relcom
Product Name: FPS-I
Product Description: Redundant Fieldbus Power Supply with Terminator
Category: H1 Power Supply
Profile: FOUNDATION Power Supply/Conditioner
More Information: The FPS-I provides redundant isolated power for Foundation Fieldbus H1 segments and facilitates the connection of redundant input power supplies. The system is fully "hot-swappable," meaning that individual power conditioning modules and input power supplies can be replaced without interrupting power or communication on the Fieldbus segment. An alarm circuit provides warning in case of a power conditioning module or input power supply failure. The system is designed so that power for several Fieldbus segments can be provided from a single cabinet with minimal wiring. One Fieldbus segment terminator is included for each segment in the FPS-I. Where a built-in terminator is not desired, use the FPS-2 model. For power to 8 segments, use the F890 power supply. Input Voltage: 18-30VDC, Output: 25VDC @ 350mA,

Registration Information

Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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