Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Siemens AG
Product Name: SITRANS F C MASS6000
Product Description: Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
Category: Coriolis,Flow
Profile: FOUNDATION Field Device
More Information:   Greater flexibility * Wide product program * Uniform sensor interface enabling "plug & play" for all transmitters Compact or remote installation using the same transmitters and sensors   Easier commissioning All SITRANS F C coriolis flowmeters feature a SENSORPROM memory unit which stores sensor calibration data and transmitter settings for the lifetime of the product. At commissioning the flowmeter commences measurement without any initial programming. The factory settings matching the sensor size are stored in the SENSORPROM unit. Also customer specified settings are downloaded to the unit.   Easier service * Comprehensive self diagnosis and service menu enhances trouble shooting and meter verification. * Transmitter replacement requires no programming. SENSORPROM automatically updates all settings after initialization.   Room for growth USM II the Universal Signal Module with "plug & play" simplicity makes it easy to access and integrate the flowmeter with almost any system and bus-protocol and it ensures the flowmeter will be easy to upgrade to future communication/bus platforms.   Application Coriolis mass flowmeters are suitable for measuring liquids and gases. The measurement is independent of changes in process conditions/parameters such as temperature, density, pressure, viscosity, conductivity and flow profile. Due to this versatility the meter is easy to install. The coriolis flowmeter is recognized for its high accuracy in a wide turn down range. The main applications of the coriolis flowmeter can be found in all industries, such as: * Chemical & pharma Detergents, bulk chemicals, pharmaceuticals, acids, alkalis * Food & beverage Dairy products, beer, wine, softdrinks, plato/brix, fruit juices and pulps, bottling, CO2 dosing, CIP-liquids * Automotive Fuel injection nozzle & pump testing, filling of AC units, engine consumption, paint robots Oil & gas Filling of gas bottles, furnace control, CNG-dispensers, Test separators, LPG * Water & waste water Dosing of chemicals for water treatment

Registered Product Details

Manufacturer ID (hex): 534147
Device Type ID (hex): 0019
DEV_REV (hex): 01
DD Revision: 0x01
Stack Manufacturer: Softing AG
FOUNDATION Stack Class: 31PS, 32L
Stack Version: 2.12
Registered Blocks: 1- RB(e), 9-AI(s), 2-IT(s), 4-DO(s), 1-PID(s), 1-AR(s), 1-MAI(s), 1-SC(s), 1-IS(s)
Other Blocks: 1-FlowTB(c ), 2-TotalizerTB(c ), 1-BatchTB(c ), 1-DiagTB(c ), 1-IOTB(c ), 1-DisplayTB(c )
Registered Features: Alarms and Events Function Block Linking Trending

Registration Information

Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered
Tester Version: 5.0.1
DD/CFF Tester Version: 5.0.1

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