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  • PACTware Now Supports FDI Device Packages
    The success story of PACTware 6 goes into the next round. After the completely revised version of the manufacturer and fieldbus-independent tool, which has proven itself for more than20 years, was introduced at the beginning of last year, the next version with innovative functions is now available.
  • Introduction to HART-IP Security – New Technical Paper
    This technical paper provides a high-level introduction to the mandatory security requirements provided by HART-IP servers/devices. It will benefit both users evaluating HART-IP or planning their deployment. It is also a good place to start if you are a device designer or thinking about developing a HART-IP product.
  • WirelessHART - Deployment Methodology and Guidelines Webinar – May 10, 2023
    This webinar will provide a step-by-step methodology for deploying WirelessHART networks. The methodology includes all deployment phases from network planning through the operational and maintenance phases. We will also provide a set of clear guidelines and practical considerations to be taken into account during network deployment.
  • Overview of SafeHART™ – June 22, 2023
    This webinar will provide an introduction to SafeHART™, a safety layer compatible with all HART® communication technologies (HART® 4-20mA, WirelessHART®, HART-IP®). We will review the core requirements for SafeHART™ communication and SIL certification and discuss the topics of interoperability between SafeHART™ and the installed base of Remote I/O, WirelessHART® Gateways and tools. 


  • Improving Interoperability Between Field Instruments and Host Systems
    The Field Device Integration Standard (FDI) is supported by virtually all leading automation suppliers, easing integration and future-proofing investments. When fully implemented, FDI offers many benefits, including advanced device health diagnostics, Offline Configuration Modern User Interfaces and security among others.
  • Connecting the World of Process Automation
    In this special edition of Control Amplified, Smart Industry editor in chief Chris McNamara is joined by Paul Sereiko, director of marketing, FieldComm Group, to discuss the impacts of digitalization and some of the organization's latest collaborations to create standards that encourage interoperability.


  • How Time Consuming is your Device Commissioning Process Today?
    Commissioning is a critical phase in the plant life cycle. In many instances, the commissioning phase, when done correctly, will help a project get back on schedule after it has fallen behind. It is essential that the quality, integrity and functionality of the systems be verified at each stage as commissioning progresses.  Host-specific commissioning may result in inconsistent configurations of instruments, or cause interoperability issues as the system is brought online, this stems from a lack of standardization. 

    Learn how standardized offline configuration menus available in all FDI Device Packages can reduce the guesswork needed by instrumentation staff and system integrators as it provides tailored device configuration downloads, reducing the amount of time needed to get your systems up and running. Set your team up for success with FDI! 


China’s Wanhua Chemical Group Transforms Plant into Finely Tuned Testimony to Digitalization
Wanhua Chemical Group is one of the largest chemical product manufacturers in the world. Because it serves such fast-moving and growing sectors as polyurethanes, petrochemicals and emerging materials, maintaining a competitive edge in its operations, and gaining value from its control systems is of the utmost importance. 

Invisible Wireless
Wireless is ubiquitous in our personal spaces, and now industrial users want the same ease of use, especially because they don’t have to rip and replace, which saves installation costs and speeds up commissioning.


  • Emerson Field Device Integration (FDI) in AMS Device Manager
  • Moore Industries HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System
  • Phoenix Contact Ethernet APL Resources Page
  • R. Stahl Ethernet-APL is the Future. See Q&A.
  • Microcyber New Generation of Fieldbus Smart Temperature Transmitter
  • ABB Ability SmartMaster Make Better Service Decisions for Field Devices and Instrumentation
  • Yokogawa Field Instruments Resource Page
  • Softing Ethernet-APL, the New Gold Standard for Process Automation
  • Azbil Smart HART Modem
  • ProComSol Advanced HART and FF Communicators
  • Improve Device and Process Visibility with FieldComm Group Registration

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