2018 February Field Communication Insider

FieldComm Group Announces OPC Foundation Alliance at ARC Forum
The two organizations are aiming to advance process automation system multi-vendor interoperability and simplified integration by developing a standardized process automation device information model.
India Working Group Meets to Review Latest Development Activities
Held Feb. 19-23 in Bangalore, India, the event featured presentations that provided updates on the latest developments involving FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART, WirelessHART and Field Device Integration (FDI) technologies.
Technology Exhibit Planned for ACHEMA Trade Fair in Frankfurt, Germany
FieldComm Group will share an exhibition area at the trade fair with the Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO) featuring technology walls to demonstrate FDI technology and more.
Major Industry Partners Collaborate to Advance FDI Technology
We explore how Field Device Integration (FDI) technology, through its full featured capabilities, backward compatibility and wide industry support, provides automation stakeholders with an open,
future-proof standard for integration and a superior user experience.
Update on Advanced Physical Layer for Industrial Ethernet
The automation industry organizations are seeking to leverage the work of the IEEE 802.3cg Task Force as well as additional developments to define the requirements for an Industrial Ethernet suitable
for use in hazardous locations up to Zone 0, Division 1.
Latest Registered FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART Products
The number of FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART products registered by the FieldComm Group continues to grow.
Process Sensing with WirelessHART Improves Plant Performance
WirelessHART systems can be installed at a reasonable price with a quick ROI, improving efficiencies, finding problems, cutting maintenance costs, and extending the life of valuable plant equipment.
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