HART Server

HART Server

The HART Server is a MS-Windows software module that provides a standard OPC communications interface with HART capable instrumentation. HART-capable instruments can be directly connected to the PC serial port through commonly available RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces. Systems of HART devices can be connected through HART-capable multiplexers and I/O systems using the large library of supported device drivers. The HART Server also makes it possible to use the "smart" instrument information and process data in the control room for more advanced management strategies. And, of course, OPC client applications open a wide range of opportunity for improved operations.

System Requirements: 
PC compatible Intel Pentium, CD ROM, Serial Port, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, RS232 interface or RS485 converter, OPC 1.0a Data Access

Download an evaluation version
Note: This is a 30 day demo version of the HART Server for single device use. Please purchase a full license for HART multiplexer communication capability

Serial number: 02TX5-43M3V-T4UUW-9WJ31-DEMO03



   Easy “no-programming” tag-name data access:

  • Digital process values and engineering units
  • Range values and other instrument properties
  • Continuous device status and diagnostics

   Easy connection to HART Devices:

  • Directly connect to HART devices, or
  • Connect through HART-capable I/o Systems
  • Communicate with one or thousands of HART devices

   Powerful Client-Server Architecture:

  • Ethernet-TCP/IP network access to HART devices
  • Client Application on same PC or anywhere on the Ethernet
  • Multiple clients can simultaneously access same HART device
  • OPC Interfaces for process values and operation parameters
  • HART Pass-through interface for device specific parameters

   Easy to use:

  • Develop OPC client applications without being a HART expert
  • Modular architecture allows easy integration of your own I/O
  • "Browse" and "Learn" features automatically connect HART networks and devices