HART-IP/Ethernet-APL Instrumentation Development Workshop

HART-IP/Ethernet-APL Instrumentation Development Workshop

Virtual Workshop for HART-IP Developers

FieldComm Group Members are invited to register for an exclusive HART-IP over Ethernet-APL Developer Workshop on December 7, 2022. This workshop will be hosted virtually with interactive Q&A sessions. 

Attendees will learn about HART-IP, the leading process automation technology that is built upon the latest physical layer: Ethernet-APL. Developers and Product Managers will discover the concepts for implementing HART-IP, become familiar with the workflows for design, how security is an integral component to this technology, and meet the FieldComm Group Member Development Partners with products and services to help you build HART-IP instrumentation. 


Session Topic Session Time
Session Time
PART 1    
Introduction to Ethernet-APL - Sean Vincent (FCG) 06:00 13:00
Introduction to HART-IP - Wally Pratt (FCG) 06:30 13:30
HART-IP Security - Smart Embedded Systems & W. Pratt (FCG) 07:00 14:00
Networking Basics - Cyrus Kelly (Relcom) 07:45 14:45
Development Process - Jose Leonett (embeX) 08:00 15:00
Conformance Testing - Sean Vincent (FCG) 08:30 15:30
Solution Provider Spotlight - FCG member companies 09:00 16:00
PART 2    
Development Pathways - Paul Sereiko (FCG) 10:00 17:00
Technical Demonstrations - FCG 10:15 17:15

Solution Provider Development Stories & Product Showcase:

ADI - Michal Brychta: "New Developments in ADI's APL Hardware" 

embeX - Martin Lange: "HART-IP, APL and Safety"

Softing Industrial Automation GmbH - Christian Bräutigam: "Leveraging APL for HART-IP with Softing's Module"

10:30 17:30

Solution Provider Development Stories & Product Showcase:

Relcom Inc. - Cyrus Kelly: "Ethernet-APL Adapters for Your Development"

Smart Embedded Systems - Pran Haran: "Smart Embedded Systems' APL Transmitter Reference Design Framework Makes Migration of 4-20 mA HART to HART-IP-APL Easy".

Utthunga - Jegajith P T: Demonstration of Utthunga's APL/SPE Device Interface Module and Host Interface with Sensor Data

Q&A and Closing Session 13:00 20:00