WirelessHART Bootcamp

A multi-week online education program led by FieldComm Group staff and friends. Participants will gain an understanding of:

- Mesh networking basics,

- WirelessHART system design,

- WirelessHART and wired systems,

- Network security,

- Integrating WirelessHART into the organization.

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The program is currently slated to begin during the week of May 8th and conclude during the week of August 1st.  One to one-and-a-half hour online sessions will be held approximately every other week.  Each session will include an assessment the participants may complete.  All participants that successfully complete the assessments will receive a completion certificate from FieldComm Group.

The planned curriculum includes the following topics.



Understanding Industrial Wireless Communication Networks – Mesh Networking

  • Differences between wired and wireless systems.

  • Network topologies.

  • Interference.

  • Engineered vs. Ad-Hoc networks.

  • Techniques for managing wireless spectrum.

  • Mesh networking.

System Design Tradeoffs – Battery Life, Update Rates, Network Density

  • Understanding the relationship between PV update rates and battery life.

  • How can network design impact battery life?

  • Balancing the real “need” for data with physical realities.

Adapters, Antennas, Power Harvesters, and safety barriers.

  • A general understanding of available peripheral technologies can help improve systems.

Keeping WirelessHART networks secure

  • Radio security (TDMA)

  • Password management

  • Encrypted data

Management of Change 1 – When is it OK to use WirelessHART?

  • Techniques for determining which applications are suited for wireless.

  • Incorporating WirelessHART system vetting in the MOC process.

Management of Change 2 – Maintenance and integration of WirelessHART in operations

  • Using WirelessHART system diagnostic data effectively.

  • Assigned responsibilities for network management, battery swaps, etc.

  • Alerting and Alarming with WirelessHART networks.

Interested participants -- click here to be kept informed.