Trust HART Registered


As the number of installed HART products grows the importance of passing all conformance tests for compliance with the HART Protocol Specification grows.  After successfully completing the registration procedure manufacturers are granted permission to use a special "HART Registered" mark, their product is listed in the HART Product Catalog and they are provided a Certificate of Registration.

The FIeldComm Group provides testing services and also makes available numerous testing specifications and tools to allow member companies to complete internal product conformance evaluation.

All Devices claiming HART compliance should be tested including:

  • Field Devices
  • Interfaces
  • Modems
  • Multiplexers & I/O systems
  • HART Masters – Systems, Handhelds, etc
  • DD Enabled Host Applications

Products undergo many levels of testing in accordance with Quality Assurance and Device Registration Procedures are written to ensure the interoperability of HART enabled products.

Testing is roughly segregated according to the ISO protocol layers an include tests for:

  • Physical Layer
  • Data Link Layer
  • Application Layer - Universal Commands
  • Application Layer - Common Practice Commands
  • Device Description and FDI Device Package