PA-DIM Use Cases


In Release 1.0 the specification addresses NAMUR NOA use cases.  These use cases represent the types of activities that NAMUR members would like to be able to complete independent of process automation protocols.  The use cases are an important component of the NAMUR Open Architecture.

Release 1.0 Use Cases

NOA: Device Health / Remote Diagnostics  NOA: DeviceLifecycle/ Storage  NOA: Dimensioning
design check
(for sensors & actuators)

Monitoring of the device health including status, possible cause and further details


Storing of NOA device parameters including their history.


Monitor devices over time for their operating range and verify, if their dimensioning is appropriate (e.g.not over dimensioned).


NOA: Unique Identification  NOA: Automated as Build  NOA: Multivariable Read

Identify a device including Manufacturer, Model, SerialNumber, Hardware and Software Revision, Product Code and AssetID (Tag for Device).
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Verify that the installed devices and their configurations match with the engineered devices and configurations.

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Read the process variables from multivariable devices.




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