Benefits of FDI

Benefits of FDI


  • A single file package for device configuration that includes the DD, product documentation, device-centric user interfaces,
  • Security through digital certificates,
  • More easily understood file names,
  • Better cataloging.


  • A single toolset for both FDI Packages and legacy EDD systems
  • A single toolset for multiple communication protocols including HART, HART-IP, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, ISA100, and PROFIBUS/PROFINET
  • Uses FDI Common Host Components ensures device to host interoperability
  • The client-server architecture simplifies the use of device data and functions in powerful, distributed control systems
  • Transparent access to device data and functions facilitates the integration of other applications; the central management of data prevents inconsistencies
  • The automatic loading of user interfaces by the client means client-side installation is no longer required


  • Reduced effort and cost savings - FDI Device Package has to be created for only one device, instead of the current host specific EDD variants and DTMs
  • Scalability - simple devices get along with a simple device package
  • Integrated Development Environment ensures interoperability and cost-efficient development of FDI Device Packages
  • Single toolset used for both product development and device registration
  • Single toolset to develop many protocol variations - familiar user interface for simplicity and ease of development

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