FDI Technology Detail

FDI Technology Detail

FDI – A Single Approach to Device Integration

FDI technology has been developed and supported by the automation industry’s leading technology foundations and suppliers. With FDI the advantages of FDT® are combined with those of EDDL in a single, scalable solution. FDI takes account of the various tasks over the entire lifecycle for both simple and the most complex devices, including configuration, commissioning, diagnosis and calibration.

An FDI Enabled solution requires two components. A host system that supports FDI, and instrumentation that includes support for FDI Packages.  An FDI Package is a collection of files including:

  • An Electronic Device Description (EDD) based on IEC 61804-3,
  • An optional user interface plug-in (UIP) based on Windows(R) Presentation Foundation (WPF),
  • Instrument documentation files and technology specific files.

FDI Enabled host systems can be found in a range of automation product including, device management software as part of a process control or asset management system, a laptop based device configuration tool or a hand held field communicator. The FDI architecture requires a set of commont host software components. 

  • The EDD Engine, a multiprotocol EDDL interpreter, and
  • The UI Engine, provides rendering and hosting services for instrumentation UIPs. 

FIeldComm Group supplies two products and a training workshop that are designed to allow automation suppliers to accelerate development of FDI:

  1. FDI Device Package Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  2. FDI Common Host Components
  3. FDI and EDDL Integration Workshop

Develop FDI

Access the current Technical Specifications (Version 1.2.0) for free via our online viewer at the links below. If you wish to access downloadable PDF copies that you can print, you must join as a member. Printable versions for non-members will be available for purchase through our online catalog soon. 

Document Revision
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FCG TS62769-4, Field Device Integration (FDI) – Part 4: FDI Packages 1.2.0
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