FDI Technology

FDI – A Single Approach to Device Integration

FDI technology has been developed and supported by the automation industry’s leading technology foundations and suppliers. With FDI the advantages of FDT® are combined with those of EDDL in a single, scalable solution. FDI takes account of the various tasks over the entire lifecycle for both simple and the most complex devices, including configuration, commissioning, diagnosis and calibration.

An FDI Enabled solution requires two components.

  • A host system that supports FDI. Host examples include control systems, configurators, and asset management software.
  • Instrumentation that includes support for FDI Packages.

FIeldComm Group supplies two products and a training workshop that are designed to allow automation suppliers to accelerate development of FDI:

  • FDI Device Package Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • FDI Common Host Components
  • FDI and EDDL Integration Workshop

For more information on FDI, please visit our dedicated FDI website: ask4FDI.com

What is FDI?

Watch the short video on the left to understand FDI and how it enables IIoT and Industrie 4.0.