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Utthunga is a Product Engineering and Industrial Solutions company, with a global presence and having rendered services to Industrial Automation OEMs for over 15 years from product conceptualization through to life cycle management. We provide software development, firmware & hardware development, IIoT applications, IT-OT integration, field device integration, industrial communications, security engineering, manufacturing, and testing services to global industrial OEMs and manufacturing sector.

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Utthunga provides a complete range of HART related Product Engineering Services for customers that are looking to implement HART in their control & monitoring systems. These include:
•    Development of complete device for various applications in 2-wire/4-wire technology.
•    Porting of the HART stack to various hardware and software platforms.
•    Integration of HART stack with the target device application
•    Low power electronic design with HART functionality.
•    HART master stack for HOST systems and edge devices
•    Enhancements to the stack library to support any the device family and device specific commands
•    Fully compliant HART 7 (WirelessHART technology) and HART 7.6 stack
•    Pre-certification and certification support for HART and WirelessHART devices
•    Development of device integration packages based on EDDL, FDI and FDT standards (Electronic Device Descriptions for Emerson Handhelds 475/TREX, Siemens PDM, Emerson AMS, diverse FDT/DTM frame applications)
•    HART embedded development services.

HART Stack Key Features:

•    Pre-certified and ready to use HART stack passes all the HCF conformance tests.
•    Developed in C language: Compatible with any hardware platform with or without OS.
•    Small and efficient footprint: runs on almost any controller (8/16/32-bit).
•    Compatible with the existing 4-20mA systems.
•    Simultaneous analog and digital communication.
•    Supports all universal commands and common practice commands.
•    Supports both point-to-point and multi-drop operating modes. Tested using HCF 192 Kit with:
-    Slave Universal Command HCF Test Specifications
-    Slave Common Practice Command HCF Test Specifications
-    Slave Token Passing Data Link Layer HCF Test Specification

HART Firmware Development Services:

•    Development of Intrinsic Safe transmitters and actuators complying with ATEX, FM, CSA standards which includes hardware design, schematic, PCB layout, prototyping, firmware development, testing and certification support.
•    Development of applications, calibrators and automated test systems.
•    Supporting HART native enablement or implement as protocol converter.
•    Interoperability testing.
•    Physical simulator development with 4, 8, 12 and 16 channels for host testing, training and demonstration.
•    HART pre-compliance testing is done in accordance with the procedures defined by the FieldComm Group (FCG).
•    HART 192 Kit from FCG is used for pre-compliance testing.
•    Physical layer testing is done as per the guidelines.
•    Device specific commands are tested as per the functional specification.  

V&V & Pre-Compliance Services:

•    HART pre-compliance testing is done in accordance with the procedures defined by the FieldComm Group (FCG)
•    HART 192 Kit from FCG is used for pre-compliance testing
•    Physical layer testing is done as per the guidelines
•    Device specific commands are tested as per the functional specification

APL Specific Offerings:

•    Migration from Field Bus to APL 
•    Device Engineering with APL 
•    Intrinsic Safe Design 
•    APL and Application, EtherNet/IP, OPC UA, PROFINET, HART-IP
•    IIoT and Network Architecture 

To understand more about Utthunga’s HART related Product Engineering Services, connect with us at contact@utthunga.com