Smart Embedded Systems (SES)

Smart Embedded Systems

For industrial organizations, the IIoT is the basis for digital transformation – creating new ways to better collect and analyze the tremendous amount of data created in their operations and turn that data into solutions to solve challenging problems.

With SES product development services and product offerings providing complete end-to-end solution from device to the cloud and with many years of product development experience in the IIOT space, SES is well positioned to work with our customers to provide cost effective and state of the art solutions for the IIOT market.

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Smart Embedded Systems
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New Product Offering
4,8 and 16 channel HART-IP Gateway

The SES HART I/O Gateway allows host level systems and asset management applications to access and integrate measurement and device diagnostics information from HART enabled field devices using the existing plant Ethernet networking infrastructure.

HART-IP APL Reference Design Platform

The SES-APL-Module converts existing HART transmitters to the new Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer (APL)   interface. The Module offers an easy migration path for existing HART Transmitters. This can also be used develop custom firmware for a standalone HART- APL transmitter.

3-PortAPL to Ethernet Switch

The APL to Ethernet switch is an excellent addition to your development setup to get your product development and testing off the ground fast. This is available in compact DIN rail form factor.