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Softing Industrial Automation GmbH


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Richard Reitzner Allee 6, 85540 HAAR, Germany

Name:  Lars Mickan
Phone:  +49-89-45656-0

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About Softing

Softing is a world-leading provider of industrial communication products and technologies used with devices, controls, and systems in manufacturing and process automation applications. Our years of experience have made us a knowledgeable and dependable partner also for customer-specific projects.

We are proud of the fact that we provide effective solutions that consistently meet and exceed the complex requirements of our customer base. Softing was among the first companies to provide FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology after the foundation was established. Softing offers industry-hardened and conformant FieldComm Group technology products since 1995.


DSP Certified Service Offerings

Certified Since: November 17, 2011


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