Development Services Provider Additional Information

Development Services Provider Additional Information

    The DSP Program was designed for companies that wish to develop products employing FOUNDATION fieldbus technology. It doesn't matter if you are a small company looking for help with a few key components or a multi-billion dollar corporation seeking a partner to develop an entire FOUNDATION ready device, the DSP Program can help make this process easier.

    The DSP Program can directly impact your bottom-line and help create a strong ROI by reducing staffed man-hours and maximizing the efficiency of the product development effort.

    Key to the DSP Program is providing qualified leads to our member companies interested in producing FOUNDATION ready devices. Not only is it valuable to have qualified development assistance when entering the fieldbus market, but as a open technology, it is important to have options. That is why we offer a complete list of development resources.

    The DSP Program provides FieldComm Group members with access to an elite group of development services providers that can assist on all types of fieldbus development work -including both large and small projects. Ultimately, this means faster time-to-market for your fieldbus solutions.

    Requirements for DSP participants include:

    • Company History and Mission Statement: The FieldComm Group collects information about the participating company, and its involvement with FOUNDATION technology, so that it can better understand the most beneficial outcome for our DSP participants.
    • Employees and Contractors:  An organizational chart, employee and contractor counts, and a list of personnel responsible for DSP service offerings must be submitted to the FieldComm Group. This ensures that all active members in the program are fully qualified and knowledgeable so that they can efficiently and effectively provide the services needed by fieldbus equipment manufacturers.
    • Competency:  All technical staff related to DSP service offerings must have either:
    • Attended a FieldComm Group Advanced Technical Workshop in the last three years
    • Actively participated in relevant specification development, validation, or other FieldComm Group working groups, teams or committees
    • Policy and Procedures: One person from each FOUNDATION DSP project team must attend a presentation on FieldComm Group policies and procedures.
    • Case Study: Participants must submit at least one case study for services delivered in the last three years, relating experience in each service offering to be provided under program. Case studies will be accompanied by written permission for publication by the FieldComm Group, after removal of client-identifying information.
    • Customer References: Participants must provide at least  three references for services delivered in the last three years, relevant to the service offerings to be provided under program.
    • Tools: Specific DSP participants will be supplying certain tools and services that are addressed individually with each company and are listed on the DSP's page.
    • Membership: All FOUNDATION DSP participants must be members of the FieldComm Group. DSP participants must meet a rigorous set of requirements in order to be a DSP which includes access to the latest updates and information on FOUNDATION technology. This cannot be accomplished without being a member in good standing and holding an intellectual property rights license that allows them access to the most current tools to offer the best and most robust development services possible.



    The FOUNDATION DSP Program is open to member companies that provide development integration services using FOUNDATION Fieldbus technologies. The development services may include integration of both hardware and software components offered by the DSP or third parties. 

    To become a member of the Development Services Provider program, please contact us.


    **Please note, in order to be considered a fully qualified DSP provider for a given service, your company must have all the appropriate licensed tools from the FieldComm Group. Please be sure all tools necessary are obtained prior to submitting the application form. The DSP program guide will detail which tools are required for each service to be potentially offered.**