HD2-FBPS-1.500 (Module) with MB-FB-*.* (Backplane)


1.0 (HD2-FBPS-1.500); 1.0 (MB-FB-*.*)

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Manufacturer: Pepperl+Fuchs SE
Product Name: HD2-FBPS-1.500 (Module) with MB-FB-*.* (Backplane)
Product Description: Power Supply
Category: H1 Power Supply
Profile: FOUNDATION Power Supply/Conditioner
More Information: FieldConnex Fieldbus Power Supply system * Output: 28 ... 30 V/500 mA * Galvanic isolation between segment and bulk power supply * High efficiency and highest reliability due to passive impedance generation * CREST technology minimizes signal disturbances * Collective error message and diagnostic bus for several modules * Redundant connection of bulk power supply possible * Integrated bus termination * Connections for redundant host * Isolation and redundancy concepts selectable * Optional: Advanced Diagnostic Module for the physical layer including fieldbus oscilloscope The FieldConnex Fieldbus Power Hub is a unified system platform for the power supply of FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 networks. Its modularity allows for optimum adaptation to a multitude of plant requirements and offers a complete system architecture for connecting up to four fieldbus segments to Foundation Fieldbus H1 host systems. Optimized electrical symmetry, extensive use of passive components and comprehensive isolation against interference ensures minimum distortion of the fieldbus signal and thus high availability. It can be enhanced even more by redundant configuration of the active electronic components. Motherboards with customized connections to the DCS reduce cabling in the control cabinet. Supported systems are: * Yokogawa ALF111 * Invensys FBM 228 * Honeywell Series C Other benefits are: * Maximum devices and long cable runs due to the High-Power Trunk concept * Installation in Zone 2/Class I, Div. 2 * Easy and flexible cabinet layout: Motherboard mounts in any direction * Highest packing density and long service life due to high efficiency and low heat dissipation * Power Modules hot swappable without tools

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Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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