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Manufacturer: Eaton - MTL Product Line
Product Name: 9121-IS
Product Description: Power Supply
Category: H1 Power Supply
Profile: FOUNDATION Power Supply/Conditioner
More Information: The 9121-IS is a fieldbus repeater isolators which repeats the fieldbus signal from a safe area, Zone 2 or Division 2 fieldbus to an intrinsically safe fieldbus for connection to devices in Zone or Division 1. The 9121-IS provides 0 to 115mA with short circuit/overload protection, typically powering up to 5 x 20mA field devices in Gas Group IIC and several may be multidropped on a single fieldbus host port. 250V ac isolation between the power, host and IS fieldbus connections ensures robust operation even in an electrically noisy environment. The 9121-IS has a switch selectable terminator on the host side and a fixed terminator on the IS side. In addition several host fieldbus cards require power from the bus so there is an option of providing power on the host connection. There is a choice of pluggable screw or spring clamp terminals for simple installation. The 9121-IS can be used with any fieldbus device that is certified as intrinsically safe to the FISCO physical layer profile. In addition with the 9321-SC spur connector it is compatible with any fieldbus device which is certified as intrinsically safe to the entity physical layer profile. The NET9000 range of fieldbus products from MTL have a similar environmental specification to field transmitters, guaranteeing reliable operation in a harsh process environment when this is required - corrosion resistance to G3; -40 to +70C; vibration and shock resistance to the exacting Lloyds standards. The unit is compact, requiring only 42mm of DIN rail width, minimising the space required.

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Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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