FB-6SP / FB-8SP / FB-12SP


R04 (FB-6SP & FB-12SP); R00 (FB-8SP)

Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact
Product Name: FB-6SP / FB-8SP / FB-12SP
Product Description: FOUNDATION Device Coupler (FDC)
Category: H1 Couplers
Profile: FOUNDATION Device Coupler
More Information: The fieldbus device couplers are suitable for FOUNDATION fieldbus™ and Profibus PA. They provide an interface between the fieldbus trunk cable and field devices. Limited width on the rail reduces the required footprint and weight of the field enclosure.   Available in 6 spur, 8 spur and 12 spur configurations   The Block coupler connects to the trunk utilizing a T-connector terminal block with pre-installed terminator, ensuring termination is always available and error free.   The FB-6SP, FB-8SP and FB-12SP block couplers provide Ex nA [nL], Ex nA [ic] or FISCO ic spur connections.   The block couplers feature short circuit protection to the trunk. The single sided plug configuration makes wiring in a field enclosure easy.   Diagnostic LED’s include DC OK and individual spur fault on the segment.   Approvals for ATEX, IECEx, and CSA c/us to meet installation needs anywhere in the world. The block device couplers may be installed in Zone-2 or Class I Div 2.

Registered Product Details

Coupler Type: 162 - Foundation Device Coupler
Number of Spurs: 6, 8, or 12

Registration Information

Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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