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Manufacturer: Belden Inc.
Product Name: 50076xx
Product Description: 18 AWG or 0.82 mm<sup>2</sup>; 1 STP
Category: H1 Cable
Profile: FOUNDATION H1 Cable
More Information: Belden IEC 60331-23 Fire Resistant & Circuit Integrity Type A Foundation Fieldbus Cables for H1 Networks with Marine American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Type Approval.   Recommended to be installed in both indoor & outdoor hazardous environments where fire resistant and circuit integrity as per IEC 60331-23 (750°C for 90 minutes) are compulsory.   These cables have an electron E - beam irradiated cross linked (XLPE) insulation & low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) SHF1 sheath, They are Marine & Shipboard Grade cables and type approved by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certificate # 15-HS1434724-PDA   Available in the following standard options: 1. Unarmored = 50076L 2. Galvanized Steel Wire Armor = 50076LS 3. Galvanized Steel Wire Braid Armor = 50076LB Technical Compliance According to: 1. FF-844 Type A & IEC 61158-2 2. IEC 60092-376 (Marine Cables), EN 50288-7 (Instrumentation & Control) 3. Fire Resistance & Circuity Integrity IEC 60331-23 (750°C for 90 minutes) 4. Flame Retardant IEC 60332-3-22 Category A, IEC 60332-3-24 Category C & IEC 60332-1 5. Min. light transmittance > 70% as per IEC 61034-2 (Smoke Density) 6. Toxicity Index (ITC) < 5 as per EN 50305 7. Halogen free XLPE insulation & LSZH sheath as per IEC 60754-1 & IEC 60754-2 8. Oil Resistant IRM 902 9. UV Resistance UL 1581 720 Hours 10. Operating Temperature Range -40°C to + 90°C   Optional customizations on request: 1. SHF 2 Thermoset LSZH Jacket or FRLS or FRPVC. 2. PP insulation. 3. Fire resistant/circuit integrity & non-fire resistant/circuit integrity versions. 4. Overall foil shield with drain wire and tinned copper wire braid shield.    

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Cable Listings: Instrument and control cable
Application Type: Trunk or Spur
Characteristics: Armored Marine Shipboard Oil resistant UV Resistance Flame Retardancy Halogen-free

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Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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