FPS201 Carrier and FPS202 Fieldbus Power Conditioner



Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Moore Industries-International, Inc.
Product Name: FPS201 Carrier and FPS202 Fieldbus Power Conditioner
Product Description: TRUNKGUARDTM Fieldbus Power Supply
Category: H1 Power Supply
Profile: FOUNDATION Power Supply/Conditioner
More Information: TRUNKGUARDTM High Availability Fieldbus Power Conditioner (FPS200) provides modular, isolated and fieldbus-conditioned power to FOUNDATION fieldbusTM segments. It is designed for use with MooreHawke Series 200 and Series 300 Device Couplers, as well as any other manufacturer's non-intrinsically-safe Device Couplers. The FPS200 is available for two, four or eight fieldbus segments as a DIN-rail mount Carrier providing mounting positions for multiple Segment Power Conditioners. Each Carrier also has built-in connectors for two DC supplies (18-32V). Segment wiring can be through conventional screw-clamp terminals or via DCS-specific connectors (also provided as redundant pairs) to simplify and minimize the amount of time required for installation. On-board surge protection is optional. Each Fieldbus Segment Power Conditioner delivers up to 350mA of fully isolated and fieldbus-conditioned power per segment, fully compliant with FF831-1 and FF-registered. Fieldbus Segment Power Conditioners can be used in redundant pairs, and are fully load-sharing and hot-swappable (can be removed and replaced from the Carrier under load without affecting segment operation).     General Purpose and Hazardous Area Installation Installed in a safe area, the FPS200 can power both general purpose devices and hazardous area devices with approved fieldbus Device Couplers. The FPS200 is also suitable for Zone 2 / Division 2 mounting (consult the factory for the status of hazardous area agency approvals).  

Registration Information

Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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