FB-PS-PLUG-24DC/28DC/0.5/EX (Module) with FB-PS-MB-*/EX (MB) or FB-PS-BAS/EX (Base)


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Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact
Product Name: FB-PS-PLUG-24DC/28DC/0.5/EX (Module) with FB-PS-MB-*/EX (MB) or FB-PS-BAS/EX (Base)
Product Description: Power Supply
Category: H1 Power Supply
Profile: FOUNDATION Power Supply/Conditioner
More Information: Phoenix Contact’s Fieldbus Power Supply Plug utilized in the modular FB-PS-BASE…/EX for 1 redundant segment or FB-PS-MB…/EX for 4 redundant segments. Power Supply Plug: FB-PS-PLUG-24DC/28DC/0.5/EX: (2316132) * High Power Output 28V @ 500mA per segment * Redundant bulk power connections feeding each power supply segment plug independently * ACB (auto current balance) technology increases product life by closely sharing power between power supply plugs. * Built in segment termination * Approvals for installation in Class 1, Division 2 or Zone 2 hazardous locations. ATEX and IECEx approvals. Each power plug has an integrated on-board diagnostics relay, easy relay terminal block wiring allows monitoring of one redundant segment or a fully populated 4 channel mother board, eliminating the added cost of basic diagnostics or a separate relay module. Power Supply Motherboards: FB-PS-MB-Y/EX – (2316148) FB-PS-MB-I/EX – (2316149) FB-PS-MB-25DSUB/EX – (2316146) The fieldbus redundant power supply motherboard for 4 segments was designed to accommodate a cabling solution between the fieldbus power supply and host system. Redundant host cable connections are available for Yokogawa, Invensys, and a Universal 25 pin D-Sub version. Additionally, the motherboard provides uninterruptable power and single-handed power supply plug hot swap capability for high availability. The optional diagnostics plug location will accept a module for monitoring the health of 4 fieldbus segments and trend physical layer degradation over time. The all-inclusive diagnostics module assists on schedule Commissioning, non-intrusive Monitoring and faster Troubleshooting of the complete network. Direct Ethernet connectivity of Diagnostics information to the host is the most efficient method of communication without the burden of additional hardware installation and configuration. Power Supply Base:  FB-PS-BASE/EX – (2316145) * Modular base eliminates unused capacity * Compact width optimizes critical cabinet space * Bus-able power and relay through pluggable side-base connectors * Redundant host connections to common segment * Redundant bulk power connections feeding each power module independent * Independent bases per segment for increased plant integrity * Swappable bases allow maintenance without affecting adjacent segments * Dedicated relay connection per base  

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Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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