FB-ET/E - R00; FB-2SP/24DC - R01

Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact
Product Name: FB-ET/E + FB-2SP/24DC
Product Description: FOUNDATION Device Coupler (FDC)
Category: H1 Couplers
Profile: FOUNDATION Device Coupler
More Information: Overview The FB-2SP/24DC coupler features short circuit protection with an added voltage limitation circuit. The voltage limitation circuit allows the connection of spurs and end devices in an Ex nA ic hazardous location. Utilizing the FB-2SP/24DC coupler, a Fieldbus power supply with voltage limitation of 24Vdc is not required.   The system provides benefits across all functional disciplines involved in project planning and execution: design and engineering, installation, operation and maintenance.   Features and benefits   * Short circuit protection - Don't let spur shorts disable an entire segment * Easy expansion for spare capacity - Buy only what you need, and use what you buy * Flexibility - Different spur counts per segment and a mix of approval types * Small module size and front cable entry - Limited size and weight of the field enclosure * Selectable shielding - Easily meet any shield ground topology * Hot-swappable - Live maintenance without process interruption * Local Indication - Diagnose segment issues * Single-loop integrity - Safeguard your process * Field Diagnostics – Easily add diagnostics in the field. Click for more information   Reliability   The Phoenix Contact device couplers go through rigorous design, qualification, and production processes to ensure the utmost reliability and consistent quality, they are ready for installation in the harshest of process environments.   Approvals   ATEX, IECEx, and CSA c/us approvals meet installation needs anywhere in the world.  The modular device couplers may be installed in Zone-2 or Class I Div 2.  They have nonincendive and intrinsically safe outputs and may be used in FNICO or FISCO ic systems. 

Registered Product Details

Coupler Type: 162 - Foundation Device Coupler
Number of Spurs: 2-24 (Modular)

Registration Information

Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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