Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Pepperl+Fuchs SE
Product Name: R4D0-FB-IA*
Product Description: FOUNDATION Isolated Device Coupler (FIDC), bus-powered
Category: H1 Couplers
Profile: FOUNDATION Device Coupler
More Information: The FieldConnex® Diagnostic-enabled FieldBarrier is a device coupler with 8...12 outputs. Outputs are isolated and intrinsically safe Ex ia. Spurs feature advanced fault protection as described below.   Many new features that are described below contribute to excellent reliability of the plant automation system. Alerts to operators and maintenance staff indicating location inform of decay or unwanted conditions thus enabling proactive plant upkeep avoiding unwanted plant shutdown.    Installation in hazardous areas This compact housing mounts on a DIN-rail and allows for installation in very small space. Stainless-steel and GRP housings are pre-engineered with many options and delivered ready for installation. For application in hazardous areas the:   * FieldBarrier can be installed in Zone 1/Div. 2 * Fieldbus instruments can be located in Zone 0…1/Div. 1…2 Live working is possible on trunk and spurs.   Reliability Design Internal components such as the terminator are connected without excess wiring and feature high integrity. Increased safety connections, which require maintenance, are kept to a minimum ensuring high product integrity. Critical electronic components of the FieldBarrier are built-in with redundancy or monitored for degradation.   Segment Diagnostics for Superior Automation Integrity The FieldBarrier offers diagnostic functions for superior availability of fieldbus segments through protection at the spur from * Contact bounce that can occur during disconnect operations, vibration or other conditions * Excessive communication from faulty devices (jabber) * Creeping short-circuits through progressive protection The FieldBarrier is equipped with physical layer diagnostics, which monitors for ground faults, signal level, noise and jitter separately at each spur. It includes internal monitoring of crucial electronic components. Additionally the FieldBarrier supports accessories with diagnostics: Surge protectors detect wear depending on severity of the strike and enclosure leakage sensors detect water ingress or condensation.   Alarms from the FieldBarrier and connected accessories are displayed in the control or asset management system indicating the affected spur or device. Alarming in conjunction with the expert system embedded in the FieldConnex® Diagnostic Manager allow for proactive plant upkeep.   Without Engineering Components communicate in parallel to normal fieldbus communication, without fieldbus addressing or additional bandwidth. Engineering is limited to purchase and installation of the component. Advanced Diagnostics automatically detects affected spurs and issues alarms in easy to understand forms.   Additional attributes are: * Outputs intrinsically safe Ex ia IIC, permitting live work on the spur * LED indicators for communication, diagnostics power and faults * DIP switches for selecting physical layer alarm information * Built in terminator selectable via jumper. The FieldBarrier is a core component of the High-Power Trunk concept. In combination with FieldConnex® Power Hubs the FieldBarrier enables long cable runs and many field devices with hot work permitted on devices. It supports all user choices for grounding and shielding.

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Coupler Type: 163 - Foundation Isolated Device Coupler, bus-powered
Number of Spurs: 8, 10, or 12

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Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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