Levelflex FMP5x



Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Endress+Hauser
Product Name: Levelflex FMP5x
Product Description: Guided Radar Level Measurement Device
Profile: FOUNDATION Field Device
More Information: Guided Level-Radar Level and Interface Measurement in Liquids Application * FMP51 - premium device for level and interface measurement in liquids. * FMP52 - premium device with coated probe for the use in aggressive liquids. Material of wetted parts FDA listed and USP Class VI compliant. * FMP54 - premium device for high-temperature and high-pressure applications, mainly in liquids. * Measuring range up to 45 m (148 ft) * Process connection starting 3/4" thread or flange * Temperature range: -196 to +450 °C (-321 to +842 °F) * Pressure range: -1 to 400 bar (-14.5 to 5800 psi) * Used for level monitoring (MIN, MAX, range) up to SIL 3 (homogeneous redundancy), independently assessed by TÜV as per IEC 61508. Your benefits * Reliable measuring: o in case of moved surface and foam o for changing media o in dust applications (FMP54 only) * High availablility * Integrated data memory * Factory precalibrated * Intuitive, menu-guided operating concept in national languages * Simple integration into control or asset management systems * Exact instrument and process diagnosis to assist fast decisions Approvals: * ATEX * IEC Ex * CSA * FM * NEPSI * Pressure Equipment Directive PED (FMP54 only) * 3A (FMP52 only) The new DD5 format was used because of new and enhanced functionalities of Levelflex FMP5x. The new format offers the following features in DD based Asset Management systems: * Graphical elements like displaying the envelope curve or instruments for measured values * Block-independent menu structures for a fast commisissioning of Levelflex FMP5x This new format is not supported exactly in the same way. Detailed information of supported systems can be obtained from Endress+Hauser support.

Registered Product Details

Manufacturer ID (hex): 452B48
Device Type ID (hex): 1022
DEV_REV (hex): 01
DD Revision: 0x02, 0x02(DD5)
FOUNDATION Physical Layer Profile: 111 - Standard-power signaling, bus-powered, Entity Model I.S. 511 - Low-power signaling, bus-powered, FISCO I.S.
Stack Manufacturer: Endress+Hauser
FOUNDATION Stack Class: 31PS, 32LT
Stack Version: 4.01
Registered Blocks: 1-RB2(e), 2-AI(e), 1-DI(e),<br>1-PID(e), 1-AR(e), 1-SC(e),<br>1-IS(e), 1-IT(e)
Other Blocks: 1-AALM(e), 1-SETUP(c),<br>1-ADV_SETUP(c), 1-DISPLAY(c),<br>1-DIAGNOSTIC(c),<br>1-EXPERT_CONF(c),<br>1-EXPERT_INFO(c),<br>1-SERVICE_SENS(c),<br>1-SERVICE_INFO(c),<br>1-DATA_TRANSFER(c)
Registered Features: Alarms and Events Function Block Linking Trending Multi-bit Alert Reporting Block Instantiation Field Diagnostics

Registration Information

Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered
Tester Version: 6.0.1
DD/CFF Tester Version: 6.0.1

Contact Information

Device Support File Usage

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