DX PST with HRT 7

Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Emerson Automation Solutions
Product Name: DX PST with HRT 7
Product Description: Partial Stroke Device
Protocol: HART
Profile: HART Field Device
Date: 3/26/2021
More Information: The purpose of the TopWorx™ DX PST with HART® 7 is to partially stroke a valve that maintains a full open or full closed position for an extended period while offering an ESD (Emergency Shutdown) function. A partial stroke test (PST) verifies functionality of critical valves that must be in their fail position during an emergency. Increasing the frequency of partial stroke testing (i.e. reducing the proof test interval) improves the SIL (Safety Integrity Level) that the system can achieve through a reduction in the PFD avg (Average Probability of Failure on Demand). These partial stroke tests can be performed without shutting down or disrupting the process. In an emergency, the ESD function overrides partial stroke testing and the valve moves to its fail position. Product is offered in DXP (Aluminum) and DXS (Stainless Steel) housings. Options include ‘SH’ with two valve shaft position limit switches monitored through HART and ‘SS’ with four valve shaft position limit switches. The four-switch option includes two shaft position switches monitored through HART and an extra two SPDT shaft position switches that can be monitored directly by the user. Integrated single or redundant isolated dual pilots are available. External SOV’s can also be utilized such as the ASCO ARCS with pressure switches. 1.2 Features This diversified device provides many options and features to provide complete system control and monitoring. Features include the following: • 4-20ma/HART two wire high impedance slave transmitter – Point to point and multidrop modes • Control system and device communicator monitoring and control via 4-20 ma signal with HART® • ESD (Emergency Shutdown) Detection • PST (Partial Stroke Testing) – with local and remote (HART®) PST calibration and activation • Optional local (at device) partial stroke test button with a lockable cover • ESD/PST Diagnostics • Monitors time and valve position from solenoid energization to PST position and then return. Includes customer selectable high/low alarms via HART® • Valve Positioning – Full Stroke and Partial Stroke • Optional single or redundant dual integrated pilots for 1oo1 or 2oo2 architectures • Single and dual solenoid control for integrated pilot valves and external solenoid valves (SOV’s in 1oo1, 1oo2 or 2oo2 architectures). Includes solenoid voltage and current monitoring • Break Away Time - Monitor time from solenoid deactivation to actuator first movement during PST with customer selectable high/low alarms via HART® • Valve Trending - time vs position monitoring - Store baseline calibration signature and up to three maintenance signatures - valve trend for both PST and full stroke. Provides data and graph of calibration signature and selected maintenance signature (valve trend) on AMS and handheld device • DO(s) utilized for ESD safety function • Optional monitoring of external 4-20ma pressure transmitter and up to two external pressure switch(s) for SOV Testing • Multiple DCS and Handheld Compatibility – EDD, FDI and DTM • FDI – Field Device Integration - For configuration, commissioning, diagnosis and calibration • Supports latest HART® version - FieldComm Group certified device along with DD’s and FDI • AMS Interface with Dashboard • Device Status • Expanded Device Variables • 4-20ma position indication • Open/Closed Dwell Times with selectable limits • Open/Closed Stroke Times with selectable limits • Transition Dwell Time • Cycle Count with selectable limit • PST Cycle Count • Internal device temperature with selectable limits and includes extreme temperature and date • Valve State • Up to four valve position limit switches • Methods – Position Calibration, Threshold Configuration, PST Calibration, Partial Stroke Test, SOV Test, Valve Signature Test and Pressure Transmitter Setup • Local and remote endpoint and partial stroke position calibration • Thresholds • Burst mode and event notification • Squawk and Find Device • Write Protect

Registered Product Details

Manufacturer ID (hex): 006014
Device Type ID (hex): E435
DEV_REV (hex): 0x01
DD Revision: 0x01
Technology Version: 7
Wireless Product: No

Registration Information

Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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