CLX OKOBUS 18AWG(0.8mm2) FF-844 Type-A Armored Cable



Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Okonite
Product Name: CLX OKOBUS 18AWG(0.8mm2) FF-844 Type-A Armored Cable
Product Description: 18AWG or 0.8mm2 / 1-24 Shielded Twisted Pairs
Category: H1 Cable
Profile: FOUNDATION H1 Cable
Date: 4/15/2019
More Information: OKOBUS Shielded Twisted Single and Multi-Pair 300V fieldbus cable Product Features UL Listed as PLTC Power Limited Tray Cable UL Listed as ITC-HL - Instrument Tray Cable/Hazardous Location. Type PLTC & Type ITC-HL for use in accordance with NEC articles 727 and 725 Single Pair passes IEEE 1202 vertical tray flame test. Multi-Pairs pass the IEEE 383 and UL 13 vertical tray flame tests. Sunlight Resistant 720hr per UL 1581 Oil resistance pre ICEA S-95-658. -30C to 90C. UL listed for direct burial. Individual pairs are completely isolated. 100% Overall shield coverage. Acceptable for use in NEC Class 1 Division 1 locations CLX exceeds equipment grounding requirements of NEC Article 250.118 & 250.122 Product Description: Conductor: #18AWG (0.8〖mm〗^2) tinned copper, Class B, stranded per ASTM B-8. Insulation: Cross Linked Polyethylene(X-Olene) 32mils(0.8mm) nominal thickness, 90°C temperature rating per UL 13 and 2250. Conductor Identification: Pigmented orange and blue in pairs, orange conductor numerically printed for group identification. Pair Shield: Aluminum/Polyester tape overlapped to provide 100% coverage, and a Class B tinned copper drain wire, two sizes smaller than the conductor. All multi-pair shields are isolated from each other. Multi-Pair Assembly: Pairs assembled with a left-hand lay. Cable fillers included where required to provide a round cable. Multi-Pair Cable Shield: Aluminum/Polyester tape overlapped to provide 100% coverage, and a Class B strand tinned copper drain wire, same size as conductor. Jacket: Orange, flame-retardant, PVC(Okoseal) per UL 13 and 2250. A rip cord is laid longitudinally under the jacket to facilitate removal. C-L-X Sheath: A close-fitting, impervious, continuously welded and corrugated, aluminum sheath provides complete protection against moisture, liquids, and gases, has excellent mechanical strength, and provides equipment grounding through the sheath. Outer Jacket: Orange, flame-retardant, Okoseal per UL 13 and 2250. 18AWG CLX ITC-HL Products # of Pairs: Okonite Product Code 1 Pair: 567-30-3751 2 Pairs: 567-30-3752 4 Pairs: 567-30-3754 6 Pairs: 567-30-3756 8 Pairs: 567-30-3758 12 Pairs: 567-30-3762 16 Pairs: 567-30-3766 20 Pairs: 567-30-3770 24 Pairs: 567-30-3774

Registered Product Details

Cable Listings: Instrument Tray Cable / Exposed Run (ITC-ER) Power Limited Tray Cable (PLTC) Metal Clad Cable (MC or MC-HL)
Application Type: Trunk or Spur
Gauge/Size: 18AWG or 0.8mm2
Number of Pairs: 1-24 Shielded Twisted Pairs
Characteristics: Impervious Continuous Corrugated Aluminum CLX Sheath Armor Direct Burial according to UL 2250 UV Resistance according to UL 1581 article 1200 Flame Retardancy according to IEEE 1202 Wire Insulation Colors: Blue and Orange Jacket Color: Orange Mutual Capacitance = 30nF/km Pair Inductance = 760mH/km

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Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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