RF Series

Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Chongqing ChuanYi Automation Co. Ltd
Product Name: RF Series
Product Description: Metal Tube Rotameter
Category: Flow,Mechanical
Profile: FOUNDATION Field Device
Date: 2/22/2023
More Information: Metal tube rotameter adopts variable area measure principle. It can measure both liquid and gas in test tube. The RF series metal tube rotameter take advantages of high-tech. It has such features as stable structure, wide adaptable temperature, high accuracy, cheap price and wide adaptable range. Adaptable ◆Measure low flow range liquid and gas ◆Continuing flow measure and automatic control ◆For the medium which need readjust density, temperature, pressure Merit of metal tube rotameter Double indicator system: The intelligent type of RFC series metal tube rotameter adopts the principle of magnetic coupling system. Mechanical indicator can indicate flowrate,at the same time, the sensing magnet steel was moved , that caused magnetic signal transfer to digital signal through conversion system. Digital signal can be displayed on LCD screen for both flowrate and tantalizer. For the sake of double indicator system, stability of flowmeter has been improved a lot. If digital parts meet failure, mechanical parts can work as well and indicate correct flowrate. Magnetic coupling system and magnetic signal separation Independent magnetic coupling system is adopted for intelligent RFC series metal tube rotameter. Signals of its transmission part come from special sensing magnetic steels. The advantages of such structure are that it will not be affected by temperature of media and ferromagnetic particles in measurement. In addition, it will not be affected by the size of diameter. Fixed distance is kept between sensing magnetic steels and the magnetic resistance transducer, so it can be ensured that every instrument with different diameter can have enough magnetic signals and high resolution can be brought, which can reach 1. At the same time, it can bring high precision. Double-line LCD display The intelligent type of metal tube rotameter adopts double-line LCD display. Flowrate and totalizer can be displayed simultaneity. The flow range of flowrate is 0.0001~99999. Flow range of totalizer is 0~99999999. It will reset automatically and the decimal points can be selected randomly. In addition, wide temperature liquid crystal is adopted for the liquid crystal screen. Software can adapt HART communication. For the calibration system, the flowmeter adopts 11 points calibration, which can ensure accuracy of flowmeter. In addition, HART communication pattern can be optional for selection.

Registered Product Details

Manufacturer ID (hex): 000212
Device Type ID (hex): 0010
DEV_REV (hex): 0x01
DD Revision: 0x01(DD4), 0x01(DD5)
FOUNDATION Physical Layer Profile: 511
Stack Manufacturer: Microcyber Corporation
FOUNDATION Stack Class: 31PS, 32L
Stack Version: 1.0
Registered Blocks: 1-RB2(E), 6-AI(S), 1-PID(S)
Other Blocks: 1-TB(C)
Registered Features: Resource Block Alarms and Events Function Block Linking Trending Multi-Bit Alert Reporting Field Diagnostics

Registration Information

Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered
Tester Version: 6.4.0
DD/CFF Tester Version: 6.4.0

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