ST100 Series



Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Fluid Components International LLC
Product Name: ST100 Series
Product Description: Thermal Mass Flow Meter
Category: Flow,Thermal
Profile: FOUNDATION Field Device
More Information:   FCI's ST100 Series is the premier solution for air/gas flow measurement and its communication over Foundation Fieldbus protocol.  In addition to flow rate, totalized flow and temperature measurement are always provided and there is an optional version that also includes pressure measurement up to 1000 psi [70 bar].  The ST100 Series' Foundation Fieldbus is an optional bus communications that can be specified at time if initial order or be added in the field at anytime.      The ST100 Series is a thermal dispersion technology based, industrial process grade air/gas flow meter. It is suitable for all air and gas flow measurement applications in line sizes from 1" to 100" [25 to 2500 mm] and larger.  It is direct mass flow measuring and measures flow rate, totalized flow and temperature, and the STP versions add pressure measurement.  There are no moving parts to clean or maintain. It is offered in a wide selection of process connections to fit with any process piping and versions are available for temperature service up to 850°F [454°C].    ST100's electronics/transmitter can be integrally mounted with the flow sensor or remote mounted up to 1000' [300m] from the sensor element.  The ST100 has comprehensive, full-instrument agency approvals of FM, FMc, ATEX and IECEx for hazardous location installation applications.  Additional patented and/or FCI exclusive features include VeriCal® in-situ calibration verification, SpectraCalTM 10-user selectable gases, best-in-class graphical digital display/readout, dual sensor/single transmitter models and a built-in data logger capable of storing more than 20M readings.   All ST100's are precision calibrated in FCI's world-class, NIST traceable calibration facility on one of 18 flow stands matched to your gas application and actual installation conditions.

Registered Product Details

Manufacturer ID (hex): 01FC49
Device Type ID (hex): 0001
DEV_REV (hex): 01
DD Revision: 0x01
FOUNDATION Physical Layer Profile: 111 - Standard-power signaling, bus-powered, Entity Model I.S. 113 - Standard-power signaling, bus-powered, non I.S. 121 - Low-power signaling, bus-powered, Entity Model I.S. 123 - Low-power signaling, bus-powered, non I.S. 511 - Low-power signaling, bus-powered, FISCO I.S.
Stack Manufacturer: Softing AG
FOUNDATION Stack Class: 31PS, 32L
Stack Version: 2.30
Registered Blocks: 1-RB2(e), 4-AI(s),<br>1-PID(s)
Other Blocks: 2-TB(c)
Registered Features: Alarms and Events Function Block Linking Trending Multi-bit Alert Reporting Field Diagnostics

Registration Information

Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered
Tester Version: 5.2.0
DD/CFF Tester Version: 5.2.0

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