Rosemount 5400 Series



Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Emerson Automation Solutions
Product Name: Rosemount 5400 Series
Product Description: Radar Level Transmitter
Category: Level
Profile: FOUNDATION Field Device
More Information:
The Rosemount 5400 Series is a smart, loop-powered, non-contacting radar level transmitter, and is designed for outstanding performance in a wide range of applications and process conditions. Features: * Accurate and reliable, direct level measurement, virtually unaffected by process conditions * Best performance and uptime provided by dual port technology, advanced surface tracking capability, and condensation- and dirt-resistant antennas * Easy installation and commissioning through circular polarization and powerful, easy-to-use configuration tools * High application flexibility with a wide range of process connections, materials, antennas, and low and high frequency models * Minimized maintenance with no contact and no moving parts; no re-calibration required * Increased safety. Third party approved for overfill protection and safety integrated system suitability The 5400 uses the Rosemount Radar Master - the ultimate setup software that supports both HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus. It provides easy configuration and service thanks to a user-friendly interface with wizards, echo curve with movie feature, offline/online configuration, extensive online help, logging capabilities and much more. However; Radar Master is not the only configuration tool for the 5400. Easy-to-use interfaces are also available in AMS and DeltaV and basic configuration is also available in any host that supports Device Descriptions (DD).

Registered Product Details

Manufacturer ID (hex): 001151
Device Type ID (hex): 5400
DEV_REV (hex): 03
DD Revision: 0x05
Physical Layer Profile: 111 - Standard-power signaling, bus-powered, Entity Model I.S. 113 - Standard-power signaling, bus-powered, non I.S. 511 - Low-power signaling, bus-powered, FISCO I.S.
Stack Manufacturer: Emerson Process Management, LLLP
Stack Class: 31PS, 32L
Stack Version: TH6.0
Registered Function Blocks: 1-RB(e), 6-AI(e), 1-PID(e),
1-SC(s), 1-IT(s), 1-AR(s),
Other Blocks: 1-CS(s), 1-OS(s),
Registered Features: Alarms and Events Function Block Linking Trending Multi-bit Alert Reporting Block Instantiation Common Software Download

Registration Information

Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered
Tester Version: 5.2.0
DD/CFF Tester Version: 5.2.0

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