937x/938x-FB(2) Series Fieldbus Barriers



Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Eaton - MTL Product Line
Product Name: 937x/938x-FB(2) Series Fieldbus Barriers
Product Description: Simplex and Redundant IS Isolated Device Coupler
Category: H1 Couplers
Profile: FOUNDATION Device Coupler
More Information: Eaton’s 937x/938x-FB and 937x/938x-FB2 Fieldbus Barriers remain the benchmark for intrinsically safe fieldbus networks in hazardous areas. They retain the major benefits of the High Energy Trunk technique while removing the drawbacks associated with original Fieldbus Barrier implementations. The fully-featured product range delivers safer operation and higher reliability throughout the life-cycle of the fieldbus network, with benefits not only for the plant operator but also for all parties involved in the design and installation process.   The key modular components of the system (MTL Fieldbus Barrier and MTL Surge Protection devices) may be ‘hot-plugged' by design and without gas-clearance procedures or separate isolating switches. This virtually eliminates the risk associated with hazardous area maintenance activities, speeds module replacement and avoids the need for specialist operator training.   Uniquely, redundant capability is also supported for segments that are critical to the ‘up-time' of the process. By duplicating the barrier function in the remote field enclosure, hardware failures are tolerated without interrupting the operation of the fieldbus segment. When used in conjunction with redundant fieldbus power supplies, the redundant barriers deliver significant improvements in ‘system availability' that will allow their use even in the most critical applications (see Note below).   All 937x-FB(2) variants are supplied as complete, fully-assembled enclosure systems for direct installation in Zone 1 hazardous areas. 938x-FB(2) ‘open frame’ variants are mounted onto a rigid baseplate and intended for assembly into certified, third-party field enclosures.   Key features are: •          Live-working for FoundationTM fieldbus networks in hazardous areas •          Integrated trunk and spur surge protection as initial build or retro fit •          Mount in Zone 1 (gas) or 21 (dust) with spurs into Zone 0 •          Compatible with FISCO and Entity-certified fieldbus instruments •          Available in GRP or stainless steel enclosures, or as open-frame assemblies  •          Unique pluggable system components, without ‘gas free' constraints •          Compact, modular construction, ergonomic mechanical design •          Unique, patented redundant configuration for super-high system availability   Note: The FF-846 Isolated Device Coupler registration does not include tests for hardware redundancy. Although operation of the redundancy mechanism has been thoroughly tested by Eaton MTL, registration of the redundant capability is not implied by the application of the Foundation’s checkmark.

Registered Product Details

Coupler Type: 163 - Foundation Isolated Device Coupler, bus-powered
Number of Spurs: 6 or 12 (simplex models)5 or 6 (redundant models)

Registration Information

Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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