PIOX S831 [A]

Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: FLEXIM
Product Name: PIOX S831 [A]
Product Description: Ultrasonic Mass Flow Meter and Density Meter
Protocol: HART
Profile: HART Field Device
Date: 1/11/2022
More Information: Ultrasonic Mass Flow Meter and Density Meter PIOX S831 for Liquids PIOX S831 determines the mass flow, the concentration and density of liquids by means of clamp-on ultrasonic transducers mounted on the outside of the pipe. The non-invasive measurement of the PIOX S831 is not impacted by corrosiveness or abrasiveness of the liquid. The PIOX S831 dynamically infers the fluid’s density using its sound speed and temperature and therefore can provide mass flow in liquids of varying quality. With its explosion proof housing, intrinsically safe inputs and the corrosion resistant transducers residing outside the pipe wall, but inside the rugged VARIOFIX C mounting fixture, ensuring a permanent contact pressure and high mechanical stability, the PIOX S831 is perfectly suited for every demanding industrial application in and out of the oil field and the chemical industry. The PIOX S831 comes with carefully matched and temperature compensated transducers providing unmatched zero-point stability and precise bi-directional mass flow measurement over a wide range of conditions.

Registered Product Details

Manufacturer ID (hex): 006021
Device Type ID (hex): E52F
DEV_REV (hex): 0x08
DD Revision: 0x01
Technology Version: 7
Wireless Product: No

Registration Information

Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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