Industrial-DEO / Harmonas



Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Azbil Corporation
Product Name: Industrial-DEO / Harmonas
Product Description: Class 61a Integrated Host System
Profile: FOUNDATION Fieldbus Host
More Information: Harmonas-DEO, which took an early lead in adopting the open and standard technologies that are now widespread globally, functions as a control platform for various applications ranging from the field to production control. Harmonas-DEO offers fundamental DCS functions with high reliability, as well as enhanced field network integration capabilities, enhanced application software interaction capabilities, and OPC as the data interface with management software. Harmonas-DEO accomplishes seamless information transfer between the information management system and the production control system, which is essential for a truly IT-based system. Information is conveyed in real time from the field to the business management system, allowing rapid decision-making by management personnel.

Registered Product Details

Revision: 330.1
FOUNDATION Physical Layer Profile: 114 - Standard-power signaling, separately powered, non I.S.
FOUNDATION Host Profile: Class 61a – Integrated Host
FOUNDATION Host Interface Type Supported: H1 Interface
FOUNDATION Host Profile Supported Features: H1 Support H1 Device Address Assignment H1 Physical Device Tag Assignment Convert Link Master to Basic Device HSE Support Not Supported Distributed Application Support Block Tag Configuration Resource and Transducer Blocks Standard Function Blocks Enhanced Function Blocks Configuration of scheduled control function blocks Function Block Linking and Publication Scheduling Function Block Execution Scheduling Use Views for Block Detail Reads Alert Support Not Supported Device Description Support DD Blocks and Parameters DD v4 Methods execution DD v4 Menus DD v5 Visualizations, Methods DD v5 Persistent data Capability File Support Data Quality Support Data Quality display in default block detail displays Data Quality Display in Default Face-Plate Displays Data Quality Support through Host Controller Connections Data Quality Display in Custom Process Graphics
System Components: Supervisory Station - DOSS/HSS - 330.1 Engineering Tool - RTC - 330.1 Controller - DOFC - 330.1 H1 Linking Module - FBLM - 330.1

Registration Information

Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered
Tester Version: 2.1

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