9101-22 / 9107-22 / 9108-22/ 9106-22 / 9109-22



Registered Product Information

Manufacturer: Eaton - MTL Product Line
Product Name: 9101-22 / 9107-22 / 9108-22/ 9106-22 / 9109-22
Product Description: Modular Redundant Power Supply System With Backplane
Category: H1 Power Supply
Profile: FOUNDATION Power Supply/Conditioner
More Information: The 910x-22 Redundant, 4-Segment FISCO IIB Power Supply System provides intrinsically safe field networks for FOUNDATION Fieldbus systems in hazardous areas. The output of the power supply modules complies with the Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept (FISCO) model, in accordance with IEC standard 60079-27. When used with intrinsically safe field wiring hubs, the power supply system allows complete FISCO networks to be assembled for process applications requiring high system availability. The output of each of the four power supply segments is suitable for connection into an IEC Zone 1, Gas Group IIB hazardous area. Each Fieldbus segment is powered by a redundant pair of pluggable FISCO power supply modules. The modules operate in active/hot standby mode, ensuring that the Fieldbus segments are continually powered. In the event of a failure of an active power supply module, the field circuit is automatically transferred to the standby module. The change-over is managed by Supply Arbitration Modules (SAMs), which monitor the health of the FISCO power supplies while maintaining intrinsic safety requirements during the transition to the standby module. The SAMs are also duplicated and replaceable. Switch-over is achieved rapidly and in accordance with FOUNDATION Fieldbus specifications, and without risk of losing Fieldbus devices from the bus. A combination of LED diagnostics and alarm signalling provides failure notification of FISCO power supplies and SAMs, allowing failed hardware to be identified and full redundancy to be restored by module replacement. The 9106-22 & 9109-22 versions provide monitored, redundant power on each host fieldbus segment, for use with H1 interface cards that draw up to 30mA from the fieldbus power supply in order to operate.

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Registration Authority: FieldComm Group
Registration Status: Registered

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