Tools and Skill requirements for the IIoT

Jim Montague published a great article today in the online edition of CONTROL magazine.  Entitled "Exploring the tools, skills needed to navigate the Industrial Internet of Things", Jim sources some of the material that we've developed at FieldComm Group to communicate the need for connectivity from the plant floor all the way to the executive suite.  What's most interesting is the growing recognition that the "languages" spoken by the Operations Technology (OT) groups and the Information Technology (IT) teams in modern process facilities are very different.  Communication protocols used from the control room to the plant floor are radically different than those used by the rest of the enterprise.  Therfore both machines and humans will need to learn better ways of communication to truly realize the benefits of the IIoT.  

At FieldComm Group we believe that a part of the solution lies with FDI technology.  The FDI mantra of including all tools, documents, and interfaces in a single device package will improve system integration efficiency and allow easier access by IT organizations to OT information.