News Release: PACTware Version 6.1 supports FDI Packages and FDT3

News Release: PACTware Version 6.1 supports FDI Packages and FDT3

Even more fun configuring with PACTware - Version 6.1 supports FDI Packages and FDT3

The success story of PACTware 6 goes into the next round. After the completely revised version of the manufacturer and fieldbus-independent tool, which has proven itself for more than 20 years, was introduced at the beginning of last year, the next version with innovative functions is now available

While PACTware 6.0 came with a new user interface with intuitive structures, PACTware 6.1 now also offers new functions that many have been waiting for.

All member companies of the PACTware Consortium make the PACTware software with the drivers suitable for their respective devices available for download. But whether a DTM or an FDI package is better here - until now, opinions differed. Both technologies are used for the setup and diagnosis of field devices and require different software environments. Now, for the first time, both can be used in one tool. With the new version, the software supports both standards: FDT/DTM and FDI packages. This makes work easier for users from now on. Instead of having to think about which drivers are needed and can be used, PACTware can now work with both technologies.

Furthermore, the new FDT3 standard is now also supported. It offers users the possibility to work with the FDT3 DTM. With this standard, it is possible to use HTML-based user interfaces. Their enhancements and value-add capabilities are modern and provide a uniform representation of device data combined with the latest operating philosophies, which we all know from the Internet.

“PACTware is one of the most recognized FDT device configuration freeware hosting environments servicing millions of connected devices via DTMs today. We are thrilled that the latest 6.1 platform supports the new FDT3 standard extending the integration of FDI Device Packages and FDT web-based DTMs while maintaining backward compatibility with the current install base. Users can now experience a unified environment for modern industrial device management with their choice of data model and experience new functionality offered with new DTMs that come OPC UA- and mobile-ready allowing the market an easy pathway to scalable, data-driven IIoT applications,” says Steve Biegacki, FDT Group managing director.

Ted Masters, President of FieldComm Group added, "We are thrilled that PACTware 6.1 now supports FDI Devices Packages. As the preferred integration technology of major end user organizations like NAMUR, the many current end users of PACTware will now have the ability to configure the FDI Device Package for HART, Foundation FieldBus, and Profibus/Net devices directly within PACTware. Users can now take advantage of the numerous benefits of FDI technology including advanced device health per NAMUR NE107, HTML5 user interface support, offline configuration, secure device packages, documentation access, and soon simplified IIoT integration with PA-DIM."

PACTware 6.1 is available for free download on the Internet pages of the member companies of PACTware Consortium e. V. (

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