100 WirelessHART Positioners to Deliver Online Valve Diagnostics for MOL Danube Refinery

The MOL, Danube Refinery

The Danube Refinery was the FieldComm Group 2010 Plant of the Year Award winner for their outstanding work with HART. Since 2009 when the first WirelessHART implementation used four wireless temperature transmitters and one wireless gateway to receive signals from a crude distillation unit, the system has expanded to six wireless gateways receiving signals from 32 devices. The technology was also tested in an arc-welding environment in which both WirelessHART transmitter and a gateway functioned faultlessly.

The technology has gained praise and broader use since. In 2015, it was approved for diagnostic and measurement purposes at MOL, and was included in the MOL standards, specifying the technical requirements for different applications that currently include measuring temperature and corrosion rates. The company cites benefits of moderate installation cost, fast installation and flexible upgradability, reporting: “We have not witnessed any limits to upgradability on any of our systems.” Users also report several cases where WirelessHART has become a valuable solution for replacing wired devices for robust, cost-saving benefits.

Plans though 2017 include a major Field Instrument Maintenance System upgrade at the refinery level, adding 100 WirelessHART control valve positioners for online diagnostics and preventive maintenance of their critical control valves.


Chuck Micallef