Mining Operation Protects Assets, 'Rocks' With Cost Savings

Lundin Mining Corp’s Eagle Mine needed to monitor performance of critical assets including freeze protection for fire systems, sump pumps and crushing equipment at distances up to ¾ mile. WirelessHART was chosen over wiring and conduit due to a tight commissioning schedule and costs.

The solution included 40 wireless temperature transmitters; an Emerson Asset Management System (AMS) for remote calibration and configuration; four gateways connecting a Rockwell Logix PLC, wireless instruments and a business network; and Emerson Thum adapters to simplify network expansion and addition of third-party devices.

Savings over hardwiring included $83,000 on installations at the mine and $3,000 to $10,000 in cost avoidance per freeze incident at remote sites.


Chuck Micallef