Japan and Germany to Team on Industrial IoT Standard

A new alliance will be made between the Japanese and German governments to establish a common standard in the field of Industrial IoT soon. Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, revealed news of the alliance during the Public-Private Dialog for the Future Investment meeting organized by him and his Cabinet, which was held last week. According to Abe, both governments will exchange a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on joint development of a common standard in the field of IoT. The MoU will include sharing the technologies under development by companies and universities to the greatest extent possible, and joint development of new communication technologies and software that is required in the future.

In Japan, efforts in making a standard of IoT have been different for each company so far. By joining standardization activities with Germany, which has preceded IoT standardization activities with the advanced technological development initiative called Industrie 4.0, Japan aims to take the initiative towards international standardization through creation of a common platform beyond the framework of companies or countries.

In conjunction with this news, Abe also announced the Japanese government’s support for implementing smart factories in 50 locations nationwide by 2020, in which optimal advanced manufacturing systems are being built by utilizing data from multiple sensors in the production field, and are being shared with ecosystems through networks beyond factories and enterprise.