Instrumental Engineer of FOUNDATION Fieldbus & Wireless Control to Retire - Terry Blevins

Terry Blevins is a name that is instantly recognized in the inner circle of process control, regardless of company affiliation. He has spent his life's work developing some of the industries most advanced and comprehensive solutions with tireless travel and engineering effort expended in the name of better process systems. He is truly one of the early pioneers of FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol, and more recently wireless control using WirelessHART technology.

After 42 years of service to the industry, Mr. Blevins intends to retire from Emerson Process Management at the end of this month (August 2016). He will certainly be missed and his knowledge and prowess will be a void that is tough to fill.

Mr. Blevin's list of accomplishments are far more extensive than this short blog post can cover, but we won't leave out details for those interested in the highlights.

  • Prior to the establishment of FieldComm Group, Fieldbus Foundation profiled Mr. Blevins in the Fieldbus Report. You can read that profile on page 28 HERE.
  • Read Mr. Blevin's short and humble "Retirement, Fond Memories" post on his blog. The post includes a great video timelapse of what he's been involved in! Definitely check it out!

Cheers to you Mr. Blevins and from all of us at FieldComm Group, enjoy your retirment!