Helpful Options for Designing FOUNDATION Fieldbus Segments

Designing a Fieldbus infrastructure from scratch can appear to be a complicated process, but it need not be. Pepperl+Fuchs has a tool they've just released an update to called Segment Checker. It is the first open fieldbus design tool on the market. It not only supports and accelerates development, display, archiving and printing of FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 structures, it is also able to check the design parameters of a fieldbus architecture and validate its flawless operation way before its installation on site.

The latest version of the Segment Checker now runs under Windows 10 and offers an interesting range of new functions and extensions. For example, the tool now supports enhanced calculation models for FieldBarriers and handheld diagnostic tools and comes with an updated catalog of FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 devices. All registered FOUNDATION instruments are now included.

If you'd like a free tool that provides great functionality and makes design easy, you can find it at P+F also provides everything from installation instructions, to FAQ, white papers, manuals and design guides on the website — again, all free.

 Example of the segment checker user environment above provided by P+F